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Vernal Woman Arrested For Domestic Violence After She Broke A Picture Over A Man's Head

Posted by Travis Uresk | Dec. 22nd, 2022 | Domestic Violence |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On Tuesday, December 20, 2022, Officer White responded to a report of a domestic violence situation. The complainant/victim contacted Central Dispatch and stated that his girlfriend, later identified as 28-year-old Brittany Marie Wilson, had broken a picture over his head.

Brittany then called and said that the victim had put his hands on her first and that she was defending herself.

Officer White arrived on the scene and contacted both parties inside their home.

Brittany immediately began to yell that the man was playing the victim.

Her mother called shortly after, and Brittany began to yell at her mother through the phone, saying that she would go to jail. She then placed her hands behind her back and requested many times that Police place her into handcuffs and take her to jail.

At one point, she said that he had put his hands on her, that she defended herself, and that she was being abused.

Upon entry into the residence Officer White saw a man sitting on a couch inside the apartment. He had blood on his hand and nose, and a bite mark was on the left side of his neck. The bite was welted, swollen, and the skin around it was red and irritated, indicating that it was a relatively recent injury.

The bite appeared to have pierced through the skin but did not see any bleeding anywhere on his body from the bite mark.

While showing Officer White the recent marks on his body, he showed me a visible, but slightly faded bite mark on his chest that he had claimed was a few weeks old.

The parties were eventually separated, and Officer White spoke with the victim in the living room while Sgt. Watt, with the Vernal City Police Department, and Officer Beatty, with the Naples City Police Department, spoke with Brittany and her son down the hall.

The victim stated that they had friends over earlier in the evening and that they had been eating dinner and drinking. Eventually, Brittany left for a short time, and when she returned, she was angry and began yelling.

The victim urged her to calm down, and she continued to be irate. The friends that were over then left. The victim and Brittany eventually ended up in the hallway next to Brittany's son's room.

Brittany slammed the door to her son's room closed and then elbowed the victim in the nose, which caused it to bleed. He then grabbed her in an attempt to stop her. She then bit him on the neck, and he shoved her face away.

A short time after that, the victim opened Brittany's son's room to check on him, and then Brittany grabbed a picture and broke it over the victim's head. He then called the Police.

While speaking with the victim in the living room Sgt. Watt spoke with Brittany's son in her bedroom. The child said he was in his bedroom, and he could hear them fighting. He also said the victim was coming into his bedroom when his mother hit the victim with the picture and that he saw her do it.

The child informed Sgt. Watt said it was the fifth time his mother had done something violent toward him.

Officer White then approached Brittany's son's room, where she was at that time. Upon approaching the room, he observed broken pieces of a picture frame and broken glass scattered though out the hallway.

Officer White entered the room and observed that she had a streak of blood on her forehead. She gestured toward me with both hands to suggest that Officer White would place her into handcuffs.

He asked her why she was so adamant that she was the one that was going to be placed under arrest. She said it was because she had hurt the victim and bashed his head with a picture frame. Officer White asked her why that happened, and she stated that it was because he put his hands on her neck.

She was asked when she believed the situation had escalated and also stated that she went to sleep, and they got angry at each other. She then said she drank too much and had six shots and part of a beer.

They got into an argument because of their coworkers because one of them accused her of stealing alcohol. She denied stealing the alcohol, and the guest got angry and left.

She then said that they were in her room, and the victim put his hands on her neck; and when he was done putting his hands on her neck, she followed him into the hallway, and she took a picture off the wall bashed it against his head.

Officer White asked her to tell him about the bite mark, and she said she had bitten him when he was choking her. Brittany was asked to show him what the choking looked like, and she placed her hands on top of one another on the front of her throat with a thumb on both sides of her neck, laid back, and demonstrated being choked from the top downward.

She stated that when the victim did that, she grabbed the back of his head, pulled him toward her, and bit him as hard as she could. She then apologized for having done that.

Brittany said that she shouldn’t have done that, and she felt as though biting him had been enough, but she followed him into the hall and bashed him in the head with a picture.

Officer White asked her how she had gotten the blood on her head, and she stated that it had happened when she struck the victim with the picture. He asked her if she knew where it had come from, and she assumed it was from the top of his head.

Officer White then asked her how it would have gotten on her head, and she stated that she didn’t know.

Brittany was then informed by Officer White he did not see any injuries on the victim that would have correlated with her story, and he suspected that she had elbowed the victim in the nose to cause it to bleed. He then approached her and attempted to subdue her violent actions, which is when the blood from his nose got on her head. While he was holding her, she bit his neck, and he pushed her away, which caused the mark on his neck.

The victim then went to check on the child because of the commotion in the hallway, and that's when Brittany struck him with the picture. Officer White informed Brittany that she was under arrest and was placed in handcuffs. She was then transported to the Uintah County Jail for domestic violence.


Oct 26, 2023

She just mad she ain't got no clit.


Oct 25, 2023

She's also used her tits to get out of speeding tickets


Oct 25, 2023

The article also fails to mention she use to train and has faught in MMA. She also struck her ex boyfriend while drunk at a party after they had broken up because he was looking at another woman


Oct 25, 2023

Brittany's mom is as full of crap as she is. That trash is a life long liar, raised by a life long liar. After this she got charged with DWI with her child in the car. She tried to run over her ex boyfriend with her car after "trying to kill herself" by threatening herself with a knife.


Jan 13, 2023

If the police wear those chest cams on their shirts, then you will see the marks on her neck through the videos from the call that night, because the marks on her neck were obvious and it just blows my mind that the police officer said she had no marks on her when she clearly did.

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