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Vernal Police dispatched to a fire assist to a local motel

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- At 7:00 pm on 8/9/23, Officer McCurdy was dispatched to a fire assist detail at the Horizon Hotel at 1624 West Highway 40. The call notes indicated there was smoke in the lobby of the hotel.

As the Officer responded to the hotel, he was advised by dispatch the origin of the smoke was coming from the second floor. When Officer McCurdy arrived on scene, an unknown guest advised the Officer the smoke was coming from room #216.

McCurdy proceeded to the room and saw that the door was opened with a male inside who he recognized from prior law enforcement interactions. 37-year-old Arick Lee Cotonuts stated he was drinking a little bit and burnt some taquitos from 7-Eleven in the microwave, causing the smoke.

The Officer noticed several Bud Light beverages throughout the room. It was suspected Arick still had a no-alcohol clause issued by the courts. Officer McCurdy confronted Arick with that information. Arick responded with something to the effect of "One you probably should not know about probably."

Arick was then told he was being detained and taken outside of the hotel, staying with another Officer while Officer McCurdy confirmed on court exchange that Arick did, in fact, still had a no alcohol clause.

In the order, it states the probationer Arick is not to purchase, possess or consume any alcohol reinstating his probation for 18 months starting on 1/17/23.

Arick was placed under arrest and asked if he had anything illegal on his person that he couldn't have inside the jail. Arick stated he possessed a THC vape pen in his front right pocket, for which he did not have a marijuana card. No other contraband or illegal drugs were found on his person.

Arick consented to a Portable Breathe Test, which showed positive for alcohol at .134 BrAC.

Cotonuts was transported to the Uintah County Jail and booked on the charges of the alcohol purchase, possession, or consumption, and possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) charge was due to the fact Arick possessed a THC pen without a medical card and the possession of drug paraphernalia.

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Oct 13, 2023

An appointed attorney would have all these classes c one b misdemeanor dropped as time served . To bad that an awful crime a danger to us all and he will be back eating nachos and a beer !

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