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Two men get into a physical fight when one man steals the other man's prescription pills

Posted by Travis Uresk | April 7th, 2023 | Burglary & Assault |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 3/28/23, Deputy Russell was dispatched to a report of an assault victim who had arrived at the Uintah Basin Healthcare. The Deputy met with the victim and his sister at the hospital to take the report.

The Deputy asked the victim to walk him through the incident that had taken place. The victim began telling the Deputy that he and 33-year-old Patrick Kody Hagele were at his residence visiting. The victim had gone to the back of the home to use the bathroom, and when he came back, he noticed his prescription for Lyrica was missing.

The victim confronted Patrick about the prescription, and Patrick became defensive and said he didn't have them. Patrick turned to leave the home, and the victim saw the prescription bottle in Patrick's jacket pocket. The victim reached for the bottle and grabbed Patrick's jacket, Patrick turned around and hit the victim in the head.

The victim stated they began physically fighting when they exited the house and onto the front porch. The victim tackled Patrick, and they landed on the wood pile, and they went to the ground, and the victim was on top of Patrick. He told Patrick to stop fighting or he would get hurt. But Patrick continued to fight the victim.

Patrick reached down to his right hip and removed a knife, but the victim was able to get the knife away from Patrick and threw it in the snow. Patrick then bit the victim near the armpits on both arms.

Deputy Russell could see multiple bloody marks on the victim and two large bite marks under the victim's arms.

The victim stated that Patrick let him stand up, and they separated when the victim's sister arrived from next door.

The victim’s sister stated after the altercation she followed Patrick home in her car back to his house to make sure he was okay and made it home safe.

Deputy Russell attempted to make contact with Patrick at his residence but was unsuccessful at first.

While Deputy Russell was speaking with another Officer, a vehicle approached them with a male and a female inside. He asked the female's name and knew her to be Patrick’s wife. She was asked to pull off the side of the road so he could speak with Patrick about the incident.

Patrick was very upset when Deputy Russell told the female to pull to the side of the road and wouldn't allow her to pull into the driveway.

Deputy Russell approached the passenger side, opened the door, and ordered Patrick out of the car. He began questioning Patrick about the incident, and he became very defensive and aggravated with the Deputy's questions.

Sgt Watkins saw a prescription bottle not belonging to Patrick in the passenger side door compartment. Deputy Russell decided to place Patrick in handcuffs and escort him away from the vehicle.

Patrick was escorted and assisted into the back of Sgt Watkins patrol vehicle. When Deputy Russell tried to speak with Patrick, he became very agitated and aggressive. The door was shut, and the Deputy spoke with Sgt Watkins and Patrick's wife.

The pill bottle found belonged to the victim's sister, and at this time, Patrick's wife declined consent for the police to search the vehicle but later changed her mind.

While Deputy Russell completed the search warrant, Sgt Watkins transported Patrick to the Uintah County Jail.

Sgt Watkins arrived back at the vehicle and informed Deputy Russell he found a pill bottle identified as Gabapentin, and along with the pills were two items of marijuana on Patrick's person.

The on-call Judge approved the search warrant, and they started the search of the vehicle and found several more items of marijuana and paraphernalia. During the search, they found an empty prescription bottle belonging to the victim that was supposed to have Lyrica inside.

Two bottles in the passenger side door belonged to the victim's sister, and these pills were Lorazepam and Hydrocodone. On the passenger, side floorboard was a pre-rolled marijuana joint. In the center console was Enfamom prenatal bottle that contained marijuana flower. In a yellow coin purse were several pink pills identified as Lyrica.

Inside the trunk was a suitcase, and in the suitcase was a blue glass pipe with burnt marijuana.

All these items were secured in Deputy Russell’s possession and booked into evidence at the Uintah County Sheriff’s Office.

Patrick's wife began telling the Deputy he had just picked her up, and he started telling her that he had been in a fight with the victim earlier in the day. She stated Patrick was concerned about where his phone was, and when his wife got in the car he began to drive toward the victim's home.

His wife said once they were out at the victim's, she watched Patrick go to the door and enter the victim's home. She said when Patrick exited the victim's home, he then went to the victim's sister's house and went inside her house as well. She asked Patrick what were you doing, and he said he was looking for his phone and glasses.

Deputy Russell conducted a follow-up interview with the victim, his sister, at their homes. The male victim stated nothing was missing from his home. His sister stated she was missing medication, a few Gabapentin that she had just refilled, and she found a few pills on the floor.

Because of the circumstances, Patrick was taken to the hospital for medical clearance before being taken to jail, where he was booked on several charges in 8th District Court Vernal, Utah.

Felony 3 Aggravated Assault, Felony 2 Residential Burglary, Criminal Trespassing, Possession of Schedule I Hydrocodone. Possession of Schedule 5 x3, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia.

Because Patrick returned to a residence where he was involved in an Aggravated assault incident, it is clear that he is a danger to others, and it has been requested that Patrick be held without bail until a judge sees him.


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