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Two Arrested For Mail Theft In Duchesne County

Posted by Travis Uresk | April 29th, 2023 | Mail Theft & Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Duchesne, Co.- On 4/18/23, Deputy Cox was sitting stationary around milepost 109 US 40 when he observed a vehicle traveling East drive passed him and noticed the license plate light wasn't working.

A traffic stop was initiated, and Deputy Cox approached the vehicle on the passenger side, where a female was sitting. She was sweating, moving around, and could not control her movements. This behavior is known with the use of a CNS a stimulant such as methamphetamine.

The driver was identified as 44-year-old Charles Boyd Montoya, and the passenger was identified as 26-year-old Kloey Marie Willis.

While waiting for Kloey to get her ID, Deputy Cox saw a small zip lock baggy on the floorboard beside her leg. He also detected a slight odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. He asked Kloey what the baggy was, she reached around in several locations but would not pick up the baggy, and she began to get very nervous.

Kloey eventually picked up the baggy, which contained marijuana residue. Deputy Cox also observed a white residue on the passenger side door handle, and next to Kloey's leg was a large knife.

The Deputy asked the occupants if they would consent to a search of their vehicle, and Charles didn't want the Deputy to search his vehicle. Due to the odor, the baggy, and other observations, Charles was advised, "I had probable cause to search and told them to exit the vehicle."

Cox began to search the passenger side of the vehicle where Kloey was sitting, where he found a large bag with 116 grams of methamphetamine. In the back seat was a black backpack with a scale with meth residue and several hundred clear blue baggies used with the sale of drugs.

116 grams of methamphetamine

Also in the bag were 19 pieces of mail belonging to residents of Duchesne County. Some of the mail had identifying information from the state of Utah. There were also two large knives with the controlled substance.

Charles has 11 prior felony convictions in addition to having knives with drugs. Both Charles and Kloey are residents of Salt Lake County and stated they were traveling from Salt Lake to Wyoming.

Deputy Cox continued the search of the vehicle and found another green bag that belonged to Kloey that had meth pipes and heroin in tin foil and another baggy with 3 grams of meth. There was also a small plastic vial in the driver's side door with marijuana inside.

Charles claimed he didn't know anything about the large quantity of meth, and he said the mail wasn't his and dropped off a friend earlier that it belonged to. Deputy Cox asked him if he had dropped this friend off in Duchesne County or if he had any reason to be in Duchesne County. Charles said, "he does not."

Charles was advised the mail belonged to Duchesne County residents, and he continued to deny it wasn't his but could not provide any identifying information on the alleged owner beside a nickname.

Kloey also denied knowing about the large quantity of meth under her seat but claimed the items in her backpack.

Due to both Charles and Kloey denying ownership or knowledge, the proximity of the drugs next to Kloey, and the vehicle being owned by Charles, both are being charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute along with the common sale of drug items.

Charles has a felony one conviction for intent to distribute in 2021, and his current offense is a first-degree felony. He also has prior convictions for mail theft in 2021.

Charles and Kloey were taken to the Duchesne County Jail.

Charles Boyd Montoya

Kloey Marie Willis


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