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Sex offender fails to update his registry

Posted by Travis Uresk | March 25th, 2023 | Sex Offender |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 3/22/23, an Agent with AP&P met with 24-year-old Dalton Bruce Allen at the AP&P office as required to do so once a month. Allen is on probation for attempted forcible sexual abuse.

During their visit, the Agent asked Dalton if everything on the registry was current, and Dalton claimed it was. After looking at Allen's registry, the Agent confirmed with him if he was still working for Stubs and Stubs. Dalton stated he was no longer working there, and his employment ended on 2/24/23.

The Agent asked if he was still employed at the Econo Lodge . Dalton said his employment was terminated on 3/2/23.

Allen was asked why he waited until 3/22/23 to update his information. Allen stated he forgot that he had to do so in the required amount of time. The last time Allen conducted his bi-annual registration was on 2/2/23.

On the registration form, on page four, it states when he must register. It states:



Offenders are required to register twice a year, both during the month of the offender's birth and six months thereafter (i.e., January and July). Offenders not convicted by the State of Utah must register as if convicted in Utah or more frequently and longer if required by the laws of the state(s) where they were convicted.

Within THREE (3) WORKING DAYS of ANY change in HABITATION (Residence), I must provide my physical/residential address where I live to the appropriate agency within three days of any change in habitation as well as any secondary residence or addresses (Secondary residence means any real property the offenders owns or has a financial interest in OR any location where, in any 12 month period, the offender stays overnight total of ten or more nights when not staying at the offender's primary residence).

This includes adding or changing an address. I understand that being homeless/transient does not release me from my responsibility to register. Post office boxes are only accepted with the submission of documentation of physical/residential addresses. This includes relocation out of the State of Utah.

Within THREE (3) WORKING DAYS of ANY change in VEHICLE information, to include: The type of vehicle or vehicles the offender owns or regularly operates/drives, including: the make, model, color, license plate number, year, and vehicle identification number. This includes work vehicles, regularly driven. A vehicle change includes (but is not limited to) newly purchased or sold vehicles. Vehicles include any motor vehicle, aircraft, or watercraft subject to registration in any jurisdiction.

Within THREE (3) WORKING DAYS of ANY change in EDUCATIONAL AFFILIATION, Information Education institutions include, but are not limited to, public or private, primary (elementary, junior high or middle school, high school), trade schools, and secondary (college, university), schools and online schools in Utah. Affiliations include but are not limited to online or physical presence, carrying on a vocation at a school, enrolling or attending at a school, being employed at a school, or volunteering at a school.

Within THREE (3) WORKING DAYS of ANY change in place of EMPLOYMENT or VOCATION. Employment or Vacation includes employment that is full-time or part-time, whether financially compensated, volunteer, or for the purpose of government or educational benefit.

Allen failed to update any change in employment within three working days.

Dalton Allen was booked into jail on two counts of failure to register as a sex offender, failing to update the sex offender registry within three business days of his employment, and failing to notify AP&P, as well as a probation 72-hour hold.


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