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Several people break into a home to have a party


Roosevelt, Ut. On 1/20/24, Roosevelt City Police Cpl Barton was dispatched to a residence regarding people possibly fighting in a residence. Per the owner, no one is supposed to be inside or on the property.

Cpl Barton, Officer Knight, and Sgt Bird arrived at the residence and told everyone in the home that the owner had called and that nobody was supposed to be living or to be inside the residence.

While speaking with the partygoers, a marijuana pipe and marijuana were seen in plain view. Everyone was told they were trespassing and needed to gather their property and leave.

Sgt Bird and Cpl Barton were having people get their property, and 29-year-old Dominic Walter Hendrickson said he didn't have any. The officers asked why he was there, and he stated that he was going to check himself into rehab.

The Officers were checking the property in the living room, and Dominic was rocking back and forth. Cpl Barton asked if he would remove his jacket and empty his pockets. Dominic complied, and the officer found a used syringe in his pant pocket.

Shortly after, Dominic said he needed an ambulance. Cpl Barton asked him why he needed medical, and he replied that it could have been the drugs he had taken. An ambulance was called for Dominic, and when they arrived and started asking Dominic questions, he stated that he had swallowed bags of meth when the police arrived.

Dominic was medically cleared at the UBMC and transported to the Duchesne County Jail.


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