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Salt Lake man arrested in Roosevelt for stalking his ex-girlfriend

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.- On 7/18/23, Deputy Cox was dispatched to a harassment detail in the Roosevelt area. The complainant stated that her 21-year-old daughter's ex-boyfriend, 21-year-old Dakota Chad Fuller keeps contacting her daughter.

The mother stated Dakota threatened her daughter by sending out nude pictures of her if she didn't talk to him. The mother stated she saw his truck about 10 minutes prior near their home and took a photo of the license plate that returned as Dakota's. The daughter sent a text message to Dakota asking if he was in Roosevelt since he lives in Salt Lake, and Dakota told her "No," and then the truck left.

The mother stated her daughter had broken up with Dakota about a month ago.

Deputy Cox contacted the daughter by phone and asked her to tell him what was happening between her and Dakota. She stated that her ex-boyfriend Dakota has been going "Psycho" on her and is manipulating her. She stated that Dakota has threatened to send nude pictures of her if she doesn't talk to him.

The daughter stated he has been saying hurtful things toward her and playing the victim, and he is the bad guy because she has made mistakes too. She added they had been together for six years, and he would get on Snapchat and try to get girls to hook up with, and then blame it on her, and she got sick of it and left him. She also stated he won't leave her alone and has been at her parent's house several times.

Deputy Cox asked the daughter when Dakota last showed up at her house. She stated Saturday night on 7/16/23. He parks on the road but doesn't come onto the property because he thinks he is doing nothing wrong as long as he stays off the property. She has told Dakota to leave her alone and stop talking to her.

While Deputy Cox was on the phone with the daughter, he had her send Dakota a message saying, "I don't want you to call me, text me, and stay away from my parent's house." She sent the message and then blocked Dakota.

The daughter told Deputy Cox that Dakota had put his hands on her before while living in Salt Lake City. Cox advised her to contact SLC Police to report it. The female said she was afraid of Dakota and what he might do after he saw the message she had just sent him, and he might show up at the house again.

Deputy Cox advised the female to call back if he returned. Cox started to go to the area to see if Dakota was still parked nearby. While en route, dispatch advised the Deputy that Dakota had returned to the complainant's home and was now arguing with the female. The female also called Deputy Cox, and he could hear them arguing back and forth along with the female's father. Cox could hear the female arguing with Dakota about him being near the home and seeing his truck on the road. Deputy Cox advised the female to stay on the phone while he was on his way.

Upon arrival, Deputy Cox saw Dakota's truck parked directly in front of the house. Cox had Dakota walk toward his patrol vehicle to speak with him. He asked Dakota what he was doing there. Dakota stated that he came by to pick up his tools in his ex-girlfriend's vehicle, and he didn't want her blocking him when he was trying to do that.

Dakota was asked if he had made arrangements to pick up his tools, and he said he had. Cox asked him why he was parked down the road earlier. He stated that he was leaving for Vernal but had gotten tired and decided to pull over to sleep. Cox asked why he chose this road because he was a long way from the highway. Dakota stated that he didn't want other cars passing him while he was sleeping and knew this road was quiet.

Deputy Cox asked him if he threatened to send out nude photos of his ex-girlfriend, and he said no, and that was personal stuff of them. Cox also asked if he got her message earlier about not texting, calling, or coming by the house. Dakota stated he did, but he needed to get his stuff and then started to say that her father had threatened him.

Deputy Cox went over to speak with the female and her father. Cox asked the female if she could show him the message about Dakota threatening to expose her nude pictures. She went through her messages and found that Dakota had unsent the message. However, there were several more messages after, and he apologized for what he threatened her with and said it was uncalled for.

Cox spoke with Dakota about sending nude photos of someone and advised him it would be a crime.

Based on the fact that Dakota had shown up at his ex-girlfriend's home multiple times when she didn't want him to and causing fear to the victim, Dakota was arrested for stalking. Dakota was placed in the patrol vehicle.

The female told Deputy Cox she tried to leave Dakota around Memorial Day, but he took the female's gun and made a statement about not living without her. She wasn't sure if this was a threat to her or about him. She didn't leave him then but was going back home to Roosevelt from SLC because her vehicle needed some maintenance.

The female stated that the weekend before July 4th, she came out to Roosevelt with her parents, and Dakota gave her a time frame on when she needed to return to Salt Lake City. She stated she and her family was in a restaurant in Roosevelt, and Dakota didn't believe her and started "Blowing up" her phone trying to track her location.

She decided she wasn't going back, and this time she told Dakota it was over. Dakota continued to call her and even held an item she owned over her head, saying she wouldn't get it back if she didn't go back to Salt Lake to talk with him. The family was eventually able to get that item back.

On Saturday, 7/16/23, at midnight, the female noticed Dakota's truck parked by her parent's house while she was at another house just to the North. Dakota called her, said he had a present for her, and wanted her to come outside. She told him she wasn't going outside and had no shoes. She told him whatever he had, he could leave it by her car, but she wasn't going out to see him and didn't want to see or talk to him.

The female stated Dakota had left flowers on her car. She also said that on the weekend of 7/9/23, Dakota showed up at her house, left flowers at the front of the house, and wanted to talk to her. She stated that Dakota was trying to convince her to get in the truck with him to go for a drive, and she refused.

Dakota tried getting her to sit on the tailgate of his truck, and she wouldn't. He then asked if he could shake her hand, and she did, and he tried to pull her toward him for a hug. She said she didn't want a hug and told him "No" multiple times.

Dakota wouldn't let go of her hand, and she said it was a long time before he would let go of her hand. She thought it was about 10 minutes. Due to this incident, Deputy Cox charged Dakota with unlawful detention for holding the female's hand and refusing to let her leave.

Dakota was then transported to the Duchesne County Jail and booked for stalking and unlawful detention.

"Dakota was then transported to the Duchesne County Jail and booked for stalking and unlawful detention. Dakota lives in Salt Lake City, and a pattern of more than two occasions showed up at the victim's home, causing her emotional distress and fear. Dakota also left items at the home and would try to make contact several times to get the victim to go with him. The victim sent a message to him today while speaking with me to, Dakota telling him not to text, call or show up at the house again. Dakota went directly to the house after receiving that message. Dakota and his ex-girlfriend have been cohabitants. Dakota's offense is a felony. On or about 7/9/23, Dakota also showed up at the house unwarranted and held onto the female preventing her from leaving. Dakota is also booked for unlawful detention."~Deputy Cox


Aug 18, 2023

I’m worried for her. He sounds like the type that will do worse one day. Like every other dude on Obsession!

Oct 04, 2023
Replying to

We are not 'pathetic' just by reading blogs! We can form our own opinions and ask questions, thank you very much!

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