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RPD Called To A Parking Lot For Suspicious Activity


Roosevelt, Ut—On March 20th, 2024, Officer Arnold was notified of a suspicious activity call in the parking lot located at 745 East 200 North.

When the officer arrived, the vehicle was pulling out of the parking lot; the described individual, wearing dark sunglasses and a hat, was in the driver's seat. The car turned, heading westbound. The officer turned around and attempted to catch up to the vehicle but lost sight due to the heavy traffic.

A short time later, Officer Arnold was notified that the vehicle was back in the parking lot. When the officer arrived, he saw the male subject loading food into the car and walking back inside.

The officer waited, and the male came back out of the building with a female. The female walked to the driver's side, and the male entered the passenger side. Officer Arnold informed them he was there because their behavior was suspicious.

The male started showing the officer how he had been adjusting his new stereo system in the back of the car. As the two officers spoke with the individuals, the female mentioned she was on probation with AP&P for a felony crime.

The female was asked if an officer could search the vehicle, and she consented. During the search, items matched the names of the two individuals the officers were speaking with, the female and 23-year-old Dylan Wayne Vantassell.

Officer Arnold had dispatch run Dylan's information, and they found he had been discharged from AP&P. He also had a suspended license. A bag with feminine items such as perfume was on the front passenger seat. In this bag was a container of THC vape. Another bag found in the back of the vehicle contained cards belonging to Dylan, a marijuana pipe, and another container of THC. Behind the driver's seat was an empty THC package with Dylan's name on it.

Dispatch ran a criminal history check on Dylan. They found at least three convictions on Dylan for possession of marijuana, one of which was a felony conviction. Officer Arnold informed Dylan that he would be placed under arrest for possession.

Dylan was transported to the Duchesne County Jail and booked on charges of possession of a controlled substance for the marijuana, enhanced to a 3rd-degree felony due to prior convictions, as well as possession of drug paraphernalia.


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