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Roosevelt Man Attacks Female, Punches Her In The Lip, And Tries To Strangle Her

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.


Roosevelt Police responded to a domestic violence report at 934 West 4350 South. The reporting party stated the victim came to her home with a bloody mouth and throwing up.

The complainant reported that 41-year-old Willis Roy Hansen beat the victim in front of their kids. After the investigation the first night, it was reported by the victim that Willis attacked her. The victim stated that Willis was drunk and threatening her in front of the kids.

The victim showed Willis a video of him threatening her before saying, “This is not okay.”

Willis then pushed her onto the loveseat and began to strangle the victim until she couldn't breathe. The victim was fearful of Willis not stopping, so she clawed and bit him on the arm to get away. Willis took the victim's phone when the victim attempted to call the police. He locked her phone inside his work truck and took her keys so she couldn't leave with the kids.

The victim resorted to complying with Willis's demands not to report or call the police until she found her spare keys and slipped out of the residence with the kids. The victim unlocked the truck, got her phone, and reported the crime at her mother's house, where she felt safe.

Deputy Woodhouse responded to the Hansen home, and Willis would not comply and open the door, even though the Deputy could hear him inside. Still, Willis wouldn’t answer or communicate.

It was decided that the victim and the two children, a 9-year-old and a 3-year-old, were safe, and there was no need to escalate the situation and write a warrant for the residence.

On 10/1/23, contact was made with Willis at his home. He admitted to the fight, saying, "The victim had come at him." Willis said, "I didn't mean to bloody her lip."

Willis showed Deputy Woodhouse his wounds, consistent with what the victim had described as defensive wounds, which were documented. Willis also admitted to drinking and taking the victim's keys and phone away.

Willis Hansen was taken to the Duchesne County Jail and later released.

Lt. Joe Kenda on domestic violence. It's worth watching

To watch the virtual hearing:

1 Comment

Oct 23, 2023

And he was released? After he tried killing her? I guess there's some things that people don't understand about domestic violence. He tried to kill her once he will try again especially for having him thrown in jail I truly hope with all my heart this will not be the case.

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