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Police stop a vehicle for no tail lights and find a large amount of drugs.

By Travis Uresk


On 6/25/23, BIA Officer Foster stopped a vehicle near milepost 121 on US-40 for no tail lights and asked Uintah County Deputy Roth to assist with the investigation.

Foster explained to Roth that during the traffic stop, Foster observed a female driver and a male passenger shaking and showing suspicious mannerisms. Officer Foster said he had requested that Roosevelt Police K9 Officer Knight respond to do a free air sniff around the vehicle.

Officer Knight concluded his K9 search and informed the other Officers that his K9 had a positive indication on the vehicle. The investigation was turned over to Deputy Roth.

Roth contacted the driver and the male passenger, who was identified as 43-year-old Leslie Dale Billings, and explained the K9 showed a positive indication of illegal narcotics coming from their vehicle.

Both individuals were asked to exit the vehicle and were informed that the Officers would be searching the vehicle. Deputy Roth asked them if they would find anything illegal inside the vehicle. Both individuals denied any knowledge of any illegal items inside their vehicle. The driver did say that the vehicle belonged to her father, and he had been known to smoke marijuana inside the vehicle.

Officer Foster, Officer Knight, and Deputy Roth began to search the vehicle and found multiple tooter straws with burnt residue, a piece of tin foil with a half-burnt pill, and an empty small yellow plastic bag known as a dime bag. A search of the engine compartment on the passenger side in a sunglasses container was found, and the case had been placed back by the firewall and was held onto the wall near the shock housing by a large magnet.

Inside the case, the Officers found a large amount of prescription pills, multiple straws stuffed with blue pills with the ends burned to keep them in place, a baggie full of brown crystal powder, a baggie with white crystal chunks, and a large amount of red dime bags among other items of drug paraphernalia.

With his experience as a certified drug tester, Deputy Roth recognized the items as meth, heroin, fentanyl, and other prescription-regulated pills.

The driver and Leslie were separated and read their Miranda Rights, and they agreed to speak with the Officers. Leslie admitted to knowing the items located and hiding the case in the engine compartment. Leslie described the items in exact detail and confirmed the substances were located with meth, heroin, and fentanyl. Leslie was arrested and transported to the Uintah County Jail.

Deputy Roth took inventory of the illegal narcotics to the Sheriff’s Office. Below are the listed amounts found from the vehicle.

- Heroin 19 grams, Schedule 1 Controlled Substance

- Methamphetamine 5 grams, Schedule 2 Controlled Substance

- Fentanyl 699 pills, Schedule 2 Controlled Substance

- Lorazepam 10 1mg pills, Schedule 4 Controlled Substance

- Gabapentin 49 pills miscellaneous doses, Schedule 5 Controlled Substance

- Miscellaneous Drug Paraphernalia, including a large amount of small baggies.

Leslie was booked on the following charges that were enhanced due to the large amounts indicating distribution.

Possession of a Controlled Substance Methamphetamine- Felony 2

Possession of a Controlled Substance Heroin- Felony 2

Possession of a Controlled Substance Synthetic Narcotic (Fentanyl)- Felony 2 Possession of Prescription Drug Unlawful Use (Lorazepam)- Felony 3

Possession of Prescription Drug Unlawful Use (Gabapentin)- Misdemeanor A. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia- Misdemeanor A


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