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Law Enforcement Find Camp Trailer Stolen From A Storage Facility Out Of West Jordan In Vernal


Vernal, Ut. — On 3/19/24, Sgt Cheshire conducted a VIN inspection on a camp trailer, which led to a case being investigated regarding the trailer that was stolen from a storage facility in West Jordan.

After speaking with the Sgt, Deputy Russell recognized the black Dodge truck in the pictures that were sent from the victims of the theft and knew it to be driven by 35-year-old Jack Lynn Boren.

On 3/25/24, Uintah County Deputies tried to contact Jack at his residence to conduct a VIN inspection on the black Dodge parked in the driveway that was believed to have been stolen. It was also believed that the black truck was used to steal the camp trailer as well.

Through the investigation, Deputy Russell learned that Jack told individuals that the truck was stolen and the VIN number could be altered.

Jack wouldn't answer the door. While the deputies were there, they ran the plates on the Dodge truck, which returned to an owner out of Midvale, Utah. Sgt Cheshire called the registered owner, and it was found that the front license plate was stolen off of his black Dodge truck while at a construction site on the Wasatch Front about a year ago.

The deputies had enough evidence to show that the truck's license plate parked at the residence was stolen. After a records check on the registration decals, it returned to a Vernal business and expired in 2023. The deputies also tried a VIN check through the windshield, but the VIN number was covered up.

Due to the theft of both the license plate and the decals on the black Dodge, a search warrant affidavit requesting access to the interior of the truck to check the vin was prepared by Deputy Russell.

With the approval of the search warrant, Deputies were able to gain access to the VIN through the driver's side door of the black truck. The VIN number was run through Dispatch, and the deputies were informed that the vehicle was listed as stolen out of West Jordan, Utah, on November 29th, 2022. The vehicle was seized from the residence.

As the vehicle was being towed from the property, a male exited the house, and Deputy Russell began asking about who was inside. The male confirmed that Jack Boren was inside. The deputy asked the male if he would be willing to take him inside the residence and to Jack so that he could speak with him.

Jack was found inside the residence, where the deputy asked him to speak with him. Jack sat in a chair and was read his Miranda Rights. Jack understood his rights and agreed to talk with Deputy Russell.

Jack stated that the Dodge truck did not belong to him but belonged to his friend. He began telling the deputy that his friend was arrested in Salt Lake, and he was contacted by this friend, who asked him to come and get the truck. Deputy Russell asked Jack how long he had the truck, and he stated that it had probably been since January 2023.

When asked about the stolen license plate, Jack stated he had no idea about the plate being stolen, nor did he know about the decals being stolen from a vehicle in Vernal.

Sgt Cheshire got the phone number for the registered owner of the black Dodge truck and spoke with them. The owner stated his truck had been stolen out of the parking lot of their apartment complex.

Deputy Russell stated, "After speaking with Jack, it was apparent that he wasn't being truthful about how he came about having possession of the truck."

 Jack was informed that he would be arrested for Possession of a stolen motor vehicle, Possession of a stolen license plate, and Possession of stolen registration decals.

During the interview, Jack's parole/probation agent arrived because he was on probation for other criminal charges. Three other officers conducted a search of Jack's bedroom and found tinfoil with burnt meth residue.

Law enforcement later found that on 2/20/24, Jack arrived at that residence with a rifle in his possession. Deputy Russell was able to gain access to video footage from that day that put Jack in possession of a rifle.

It was also discovered through another individual living at the residence that Jack requested they hide the rifle from Law Enforcement and AP&P. Jack is a category II restricted person because of a prior felony conviction confirmed by a criminal history and is not allowed to purchase or possess firearms.

Jack Boren was transported to the Uintah County Jail, where he was booked on the charges below.


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