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Lapoint Man Arrested For A Stolen Camp Trailer


Lapoint, Ut.— On March 8th, 2024, officers were dispatched to 8424 E 6000 N in Lapoint on a report of shots fired and individuals being injured.

A Lapoint Woman Calls 911 Saying Shots Were Fired And An Officer Had Been Shot

When officers arrived, they attempted to contact the complainant Roburta Ann Tabbee, who had barricaded herself inside a camp trailer. During the investigation, deputies ran the VIN number on the camp trailer and learned it was stolen out of American Fork.

Dispatch verified the NCIC status of the trailer with the listing agency. The listing agency was notified the trailer was impounded.

Based on other incidents at this address and having first-hand knowledge, the property the camper was on is owned by 48-year-old Jared Craig Ekker. It was also known that Jared was living in the camp trailer on Deputy Mieure’s last encounter with him at this address.

Detective Sgt Meinrod talked to a female who stated that Jared had gotten the trailer from an unknown location and told her he was bringing it back to his property so they had something to live in.

On March 16th, 2024, Jared was found at his residence by Deputy Ogle and arrested for having a stolen camp trailer. Jared told the deputy he had a bill of sale and a title for the camper and asked Deputy Ogle to bring the documents to show that he owned the trailer.

While at the Uintah County Jail, Jared stated he bought the camper from a woman he knows as Jessica. He claimed he paid $1200 for the trailer, and Jessica delivered the camper to his property when he wasn't there. Jared said he couldn't remember when he purchased the camper but stated it was sometime during the spring.

Jared mentioned when he found out the trailer was stolen. He discovered a discrepancy in the time frame between when he bought the trailer and when it was stolen. Jared claimed that Jessica was the one who stole the trailer.

When asked how Jessica came into possession of the camp trailer, he stated that Jessica told him it was from an auction related to a divorce. Jared admitted he had been living in the trailer for a couple of years but hadn't been there for a few weeks.

Jared was booked into Uintah County Jail for one count of possession of a stolen vehicle.


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