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Known drug user arrested in Duchesne, Utah

By Travis Uresk


Duchesne, Ut.-On 6/14/23, A blue Dodge Neon traveling West turned North onto Center Street. The vehicle was drifting over the right shoulder white line multiple times and, at times, mostly driving off to the side.

Deputy Cox activated his emergency lights and initiated a traffic stop around 800 North and Center Street.

When Deputy Cox approached the Dodge Neon, he recognized the driver as 54-year-old Clinton Wayne Crowley. The police are aware that Crowley is a known drug abuser.

Clinton’s eyes were watery, and Cox asked what he was doing out this morning because he lives closer to Myton. Clinton stated that he was going to Bluebell because he works there.

Deputy Cox asked Clinton what time he started work, and he said later, but he wanted to get over there.

Cox asked for consent to search his person and vehicle, but he didn't locate anything in his pockets or the vehicle.

Due to how Clinton was driving, Deputy Cox had him perform the standard field sobriety tasks. Deputy Cox asked Clinton about recent drug use, and Crowley stated that he had used meth about two or three weeks ago.

Standard Field Sobriety Tasks:

At the start of the tasks, I asked Clinton about medications and medical issues. Clinton stated that he had a stroke about 7 months ago that caused issues with his leg. However, he stated that he is getting approved to get his CDL and is good to drive. Clinton stated he is taking prescription pain relievers but wasn't sure which ones.

Due to Clinton complaining of issues in his leg caused by a stroke, I had him perform different field sobriety tasks. The first task given was the horizontal gaze nystagmus task. I observed that Clinton's pupils were slightly different in size, which he stated was normal due to an incident as a child.

I observed 2 of 6 clues. The next task given was the modified Romberg task. Clinton was instructed to tilt his head slightly back, close his eyes and estimate 30 seconds. On the first attempt, he stopped the task at 15 seconds. Clinton didn't appear to be understanding any instructions, even after explaining them multiple times. I explained the task again. On the second attempt, he stopped the task at 40 seconds.

At this time, I again asked him about recent drug use because I saw indicators of drug impairment. I asked if he would pee clean or not. He stated that he would probably be dirty because he had used it within the last 6 days. I spoke more with him about that because he told me at first that it had been 2 to 3 weeks. Clinton stated that he had used marijuana and meth within the last couple of days.

The last task given was the finger-to-nose task. I again had to explain the instructions multiple times. Clinton used the side of his finger to touch the tip of his nose on 2 passes. He was reminded to use the tip of his finger.

Based on my observations from the time I observed the vehicle in motion and up to SFSTs, I did not believe that Clinton was safe to drive a motor vehicle and was under the influence of drugs while operating and in actual physical control. Clinton was placed under arrest in my patrol vehicle for DUI metabolite, based on his own admissions that he has used recently. I asked Clinton if anything was on him before he got into my vehicle because it would become a felony charge. He stated there was not anything on him.

Deputy Cox transported Clinton to the hospital for a blood draw, and upon arrival, when Cox opened the door of his patrol vehicle, Clinton stood up from the seat. Cox saw crystal rock substances consistent with meth in all the creases in the seat and floor.

Clinton stated he didn't know anything about it and was taken inside the hospital and had an RPD officer check Deputy Cox's patrol vehicle. The officer found another baggie with meth stuck into the seat belt pocket and another baggie with meth with saliva in the cage.

Two vials of blood were taken from Clinton, and Deputy Cox asked him about the substances found in the patrol vehicle. Clinton would not admit to the items being his. Cox advised that he routinely searched and cleaned his vehicle, and those substances were not there before.

Clinton Crowley received a medical clearance and was transported and booked into the Duchesne County Jail for driving under the influence, possession of meth, drug paraphernalia, tampering with evidence in a patrol cage, possession of a controlled substance in a secure facility as the Deputies vehicle was being used for at the time and failure to operate within a single lane.

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