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Kevin Davis calmly and brutally murdered his mother

Updated: Jul 1

Posted by Travis Uresk | Jan. 28th, 2023 | Murder | WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT |

Corpus Christi, Texas.- On March 27, 2014, 17-year-old Kevin Davis told his mom that he was bored with life and hated everybody; therefore, he requested her permission to kill himself.

Kimberly, 50, who worked as a career in a hospice, was as horrified as any mother would be when their child told them they wanted to kill themselves. She tried to talk him out of it.

At some point in the conversation, it appears that Davis snapped and made a decision to kill his mother. He later explained to detectives that he tried to strangle her with a cord from a video game console. But when that “didn’t really work,” he went looking for a hammer and bashed in her skull 20 times.

A psychiatrist, Dr. Joel Kutnik, who interviewed Davis told the jury how Davis described the murder:

“He used a hammer to kill his mother, and of course the skull split open. He wanted to make certain that she was dead.

He stuck his hand in the skull and mixed up the brains, then I think he told me he got a knife and mixed em up.

Then he also said that it felt like puddy.

The consistency of the brain tissue. And then he said something about he tasted the brain.”

Kimberly Hill

After he’d killed Kimberly, he undressed her and sexually assaulted her. He joked to the police, “yeah, I lost my virginity to a corpse.” He left his mom’s body naked from the waist down and posed her in a sexually suggestive position.

Davis told the police that he had then decided to wait for his sister to come home so he could kill her too. However, she had a lucky escape because he decided he’d had his “fill of killing.”

When asked what his mother did to deserve this, Davis said, “Absolutely nothing. I’m just a terrible, disgusting person.”

Investigators asked Davis if he felt mentally ill or insane, and he relied, “No.” Prosecutors and medical experts agreed that Davis has no mental or psychotic issues.

Davis did admit during interrogation that if given the chance he would kill again.

Davis told the police that he had then decided to wait for his sister to come home so he could kill her too. However, she had a lucky escape because he decided he’d had his “fill of killing.”

He decided to leave Corpus Christi on his bicycle, which he did cycling down some train tracks. However, a short time later, he walked to a nearby town and knocked on a couple’s door. He asked for a telephone so that he could turn himself in.

Kevin Davis

When interviewed by the police, Davis calmly and coldly admitted to everything he’d done. He also said that he loved his mom but didn’t regret killing her. When asked why he’d killed her, he said, “I’m just a terrible, disgusting person.”

He also told investigators that he deserved to be locked up for 100 years. He said, “I’m not mentally disturbed. I’m sane. I know what I did. I don’t have standards. I don’t have morals. A body’s a body. A piece of meat.”

Kevin Davis was sentenced to life in prison.

The Most DISTURBING Interrogation You'll EVER See With Kevin Davis



Mar 12

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Sep 14, 2023

This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever read/known about a human being he deserves to be hanged !!!

Mar 12
Replying to

hanging is too easy..he needs to be raped every single day ..while starved and not allowed to breathe. sick fuck ... his mother shud have let him kill himself.


Michael Hardy
Michael Hardy
Jan 30, 2023

WTF!? Capital punishment is still an option in TX. Why make good hardworking taxpayers have to pay to keep this sick "sane" POS alive ?

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