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Johann Defa arrested for fraudulently filling out an application for a Food Establishment Permit

By Travis Uresk


Hanna, Ut.-On 6/6/23, The Duchesne County Sheriff's Office investigated the allegations that Johann Defa, who runs the Defa's Dude Ranch in Hanna, Utah, had fraudulently filled out an application for a food establishment permit with Tri-County Health to run the Cafe located at the ranch.

Johann had used a Food Manager Certification belonging to a victim that Detective Hunter spoke with, who informed him they had not given permission to use their certificate to Johann.

The victim stated that their old business partner Brokk Margetts had taken their food manager certification permit when he left the Tooele area around the 1st of May of this year. The victim reported that Brokk had gone to Defa's Dude Ranch and was going to run the Cafe for the summer.

Detective Hunter met with 63-year-old Johann Defa at the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office on 6/7/23 for an interview. Johann stated he had been given the food manager certification permit from Brokk, and he could use it for the business.

Johann was shown a copy of the application for the permit, and he admitted that he had filled out the application, forged the victim’s signature, and turned in the documents to Tri-County Health.

Johann stated he had never spoken to the victim and didn't know who they were. He also said he had filled out the paperwork to help Brokk get the Cafe running for the year and had taken his word that it was ok to use the victim's food manager certification.

After completing the interview, Johann was arrested, booked into the Duchesne County Jail, and charged with Felony Forgery for placing the victim's name on the permit without their knowledge or approval.


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