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Hurricane Utah Man Arrested For Sexual Abuse Of A Child

Posted by Travis Uresk | Dec. 6th, 2022 | Sexual Abuse Of A Child |

By Travis Uresk


Hurricane, Ut.- On September 2, 2022 Hurricane City Police received a report of a sex offense involving a ten year old female.

Initial reports to officers indicated that Jacob (Jake) Herman had sexually abused the victim. A forensic interview was conducted at the Children's Justice Center in St. George with the victim.

During the interview, she disclosed that over the course of a year, she was touched by Jake.

She described being asleep and he would come into her room, and she continued to pretend to be asleep.

The victim stated she told her mother, and afterwards the abuse stopped.

Jake was interviewed at the Hurricane City Police Department on November 9, 2022. Officer Barker advised Jake of his Miranda Rights, and he agreed to speak to him.

Jake said he was in a relationship with the mother of the victim, and they lived together in the same home for approximately six years.

During questioning Jake admitted to touching the victim on one occasion. He described that it occurred early in the morning before he went to work, and he succumbed to "urges."

He said he went into the victim's room, and lifted her blanket and saw she was in her underwear. Jake said he slid her underwear to the side, and touched her private area.

He said he could not remember exactly how long it was that he touched her, and described that his heart was pounding.

Jake denied touching her any other times than that. He said he thought it occurred towards the beginning of the year during 2021. At the conclusion of the interview, Jake was taken into custody, and transported to jail without incident.


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