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Fruitland Man Being Accused Of Rape

By Travis Uresk 11/14/23

Fruitland, Ut.- On 9/24/23, a male called 911 stating that he and his girlfriend had been arguing, and she made a comment about him not knowing what it's like to be raped. The male pressed his girlfriend more about her comment and was able to find that a male had tried to rape her previously and called for law enforcement.

Deputy Cox arrived and met with the male, and he told the Deputy that a couple of months ago, around 7/4/23, he went to pick up the victim from an area where she was living on a property owned by her friends. He said he saw what appeared to be hand marks across her neck, and she was all scratched up. He added that the victim was inside but unsure if she wanted to speak with the Deputy.

Deputy Cox went inside and asked the victim if she wanted to speak with him about what she told her boyfriend. She became emotional and said that she would. She said she was living in a camper on her friend's property. The victim said a male, identified as 57-year-old Milton Wayne Durham, was helping her by taking her to Duchesne to get a part for her fridge. On the way back, they started to argue, and she called Milton a name. Milton then grabbed her by the throat, telling her, "Not to call him that ever again, or he would kill her."

The victim stated she noticed some "dope" on Milton. She took it off of him and threw it out of the window. She attempted to escape the vehicle while driving down a dirt road toward her camp trailer.

The victim said Milton would not stop and was still pinning her down inside the vehicle by her throat. She said that her feet were dragging down the side of the road through the grading, and she was hanging on by the door. She added that she believed Milton was trying to kill her. The victim stated that she just let go of the door, and Milton stopped his vehicle and chased her down.

Milton pinned her down by the throat and started to pull hers and his pants off. The victim said she couldn't breathe and was starting to see stars. The victim said her friend heard her screams and came over, yelling at Milton to get off her.

Milton then left the scene. The victim believed Milton was trying to rape her when he tried to pull her pants off. She also stated that Milton has made comments to her that he could kill her and her boyfriend and “no one would know or find them.”

The victim showed Deputy Cox her left arm, which appeared to be scarred all over, and old scabbing, which had dried and was turning white. She told Cox this happened when Milton was dragging her down the side of the road and being pulled through the cactus. She said she was still pulling out cacti from her arm.

Deputy Cox went to the victim's residence to speak with her about what she witnessed. She stated that Milton was there helping the victim get parts for her fridge. She said that she did remember, at some point, the victim putting her arm out and telling Milton to stop going into her camper. She said that she was out watering when she suddenly heard the victim screaming, "Don't touch me."

The friend said this occurred just down her dirt road, so she got into her vehicle and went to where Milton and the victim were. She said that she was yelling at Milton to leave her alone and saw that the victim was walking away, covered in dirt.

Deputy Cox attempted to contact Milton at his address. Only his sister was there, and she said he wasn't there. Cox left his information with her to give to Milton to call the Sheriff's Office.

Milton later called, asking why we were at his house. Deputy Cox contacted him by phone and told him he needed to speak with him in person. They made plans to meet on 9/25/23 at 7:00 pm when Milton got off work.

On 9/25/23, Deputy Cox met with Milton Durham at his home in Pinion Ridge. Milton was asked if he knew the victim and the witness, and he answered that he had dated the victim for about a month. Then, around May this year, they decided to separate and return to their exes.

Milton denied any physical altercation occurred. Milton was placed under arrest for aggravated assault for grabbing the victim’s throat and sexual battery when he attempted to remove the victim’s pants. The charges are domestic violence enhanced due to Milton stating that he and the victim were in a relationship.

Milton was booked into the Duchesne County Jail.


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