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Female Tells Police Her Attacker Was On Top Of Her And Said He Was Going To “Slice Her Throat.”

By Travis Uresk 10/31/23

Roosevelt, Ut. On 10/13/23, at a residence on Carma Ave, Officers were dispatched to investigate the report of Domestic Violence. Before the Officers arrived, dispatch informed them that they had received the report of the victim screaming to call the police. It was also reported to dispatch that the victim and her husband had been screaming at each other, and it was a common occurrence between the two.

Upon arrival, Officers saw 60-year-old Stephen Latrille Judd walking away from the residence. Officers contacted Judd on the road, and he was very agitated. Judd informed Officers he had been in a verbal argument with the victim due to the victim's claims that Judd was cheating on her. He stated the argument had never become physical.

The victim informed Officers that Judd had come home and started screaming at her while she was on the couch. The victim stated while sitting there, Judd jumped on top of her and started punching her on both sides of her face. The victim also said during the fight, two of her fingernails were ripped off.

The victim stated while Judd was on top of her, he was going to "slice her throat." The victim said she was able to get away and open the window. The victim indicated after opening the window, she yelled out for someone to call the police.

Officers looked at both sides of the victim's face; there was a little redness on both sides of her face and a slight redness on her neck that might have been indicative of physical contact. Officers also observed two fingernails were missing from her right hand.

After speaking with the victim, officers returned to speak with Judd. They asked him if his and the victim's argument had escalated to a physical altercation. Judd stated the victim was unstable, and he had sat on top of her while the victim was on the couch, and he had grabbed her arms to try to restrain the victim.

Judd was taken into custody. After being placed into custody, officers searched Judd and located in his possession a marijuana vape pen. Judd stated he had found it on the ground. It was confiscated and booked into evidence.

Mr. Judd was transported to the hospital, and once a medical clearance was obtained, he was taken to the Duchesne County Jail.

Due to Judd admitting to sitting on top of and restraining the victim and having a marijuana vape found in his possession, and in conjunction with the victim's testimony, he was booked on the following charges.

Charges: Assault with domestic violence enhancement and possession of marijuana.


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