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During a traffic stop, the driver and passenger switch seats while the Officer watches

By Travis Uresk


Duchesne Co. Ut.- On 7/15/23, a vehicle was traveling on 6000 South 2600 West in the Myton area in a 35 mph zone. The Deputy saw a blue passenger car traveling East toward him at 50 mph.

Deputy Cox turned around, got behind the car, and initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle came to a stop, and when the car stopped, the Deputy could see two people switching seats in the front of the vehicle. There was one rear passenger that didn't move.

The Deputy walked up to the driver's side of the vehicle. A female identified as 23-year-old Whitney Jean Long appeared to be very nervous and breathing hard.

Deputy Cox asked the occupants about the movement he saw in the vehicle and if they switched seats. They denied switching seats, and after getting each occupant's name, the Deputy asked the male in the front to exit to speak with him. The male admitted to switching seats with Whitney.

The Deputy then had Whitney exit the vehicle and advised her that he knew about her switching seats with the male. Whitney stated that she was afraid to speak with the police and wasn’t sure if her license was valid. She also stated that she is currently on probation with AP&P.

Deputy Cox had dispatch run Whitney's information, and it returned she had two no-bail warrants out of the 8th District Court of Duchesne. One is for a violent felony. Whitney was placed into handcuffs, and while speaking with her, Cox could smell the odor of alcohol coming from her breath. She was somewhat lethargic and appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Whitney was asked if she had any property inside the vehicle that belonged to her, and she said that she didn't. Whitney was placed inside Deputy Cox's patrol vehicle and saw a backpack that appeared to be more feminine in color.

The Deputy asked the rear passenger if the bag was Whitney's, and he stated it was. Whitney stated the bag wasn't hers even if the other two men said it was.

Deputy Cox searched the bag, and inside, he found a wallet with Whitney's driver's license and several items of female clothing and underwear. Also located was a small zip-lock bag that contained two clear baggies with marijuana. Whitney has had at least two prior marijuana convictions within the last seven years, and her current offense is a class A misdemeanor.

Also in the backpack was a large throwing knife and a small set of brass knuckles. Whitney is currently a category 1 restricted as she is on probation with controlled substance convictions. There was also an open container of alcohol. Whitney is an alcohol-interdicted person, as her probation states she may not possess, consume, or purchase any alcohol.

Whitney continued to deny that the bag was hers even though her driver's license was found inside the bag. She then stated that the bag belonged to another girl and that she had only put her wallet in the bag and was supposed to return the bag but hadn't yet.

Due to Whitney being a fugitive from AP&P, she was transported to the Duchesne County Jail, and the other occupants were released.

At the jail, Whitney stated that she had taken a couple of shots of alcohol 6 to 7 hours ago and had recently rolled her ankle, which Deputy Cox observed swelling on her right ankle. At this time, a field sobriety test was done. It was determined that Whitney was impaired while operating a motor vehicle.

A breathalyzer test was also conducted, and Whitney blew a 0.065 over the 0.05 legal limit.


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