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Duchesne County Sheriff's Office called to domestic violence that occurred 2-3 weeks prior

Posted by Travis Uresk | April 10th, 2023 | Domestic Violence |

By Travis Uresk


Myton, Ut.- On 4/5/23, Sgt Nichols received a call from dispatch regarding a domestic violence incident between 2-3 weeks ago. (exact date unknown). The date of the incident is estimated to be between 3/15/23 to 3/22/23.

The domestic violence occurred at 265 W Main Street in Myton City. Dispatch advised that during an investigation unrelated to this incident, it was revealed to Lt Matthews that an incident occurred where 31-year-old Aaron Joseph Grover assaulted his girlfriend.

Sgt Nichols responded to the residence and spoke with the female privately, where he learned about the date in question. She indicated that approximately two or three weeks ago, Aaron "lost control" and assaulted her.

She stated that Aaron had struck her in the face and hit both of her legs. The victim showed Sgt Nichols her upper leg on the outside, where he could see some brownish/yellow bruising consistent with the time frame.

She had no visible bruising on her right leg or face. The female indicated her two children, ages six and five, were at home but didn't think they saw what happened.

Sgt Nichols then spoke with Aaron separately, and he admitted to the allegations saying it happened around two to two and half weeks ago. He also admitted to slapping the victim in the face and striking both legs.

Aaron said the bruising on her left leg resulted from him hitting her. He stated their two children were present during the incident, but he didn't believe they witnessed or heard it.

Based on the information, Aaron was arrested and transported to the Duchesne County Jail.

Sgt Nichols viewed Aaron's criminal history and found he had a domestic violence conviction within ten years. Aaron was charged with one count of domestic violence assault with prior and two counts of domestic violence in the presence of a child.

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