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Duchesne County man arrested and held without bail for Forcible Sodomy of a minor

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut. 9/28/23,

Detective Hunter was sent a forcible sodomy of a minor case for further follow-up. The suspect in this case is listed as 40-year-old Lamar Elvin Sweat.

The victim reported that the last time Lamar sodomized her was on the night of 9/24/23 into the morning of 9/25/23, and during the assault, Lamar ejaculated into the victim's mouth.

On the afternoon of 9/28/23, dispatch informed Hunter that Lamar would turn himself into authorities but wanted to speak with an Officer first. Detective Hunter contacted Lamar by telephone, and during their conversation, Lamar stated he wanted to surrender himself to Officers.

Cpl Meeks responded to Lamar's residence and transported him to the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office for an interview.

During the interview with Lamar, he disclosed that he had abused the victim since she was approximately 13. The victim is now 17-years-old. Lamar told the Detective that the abuse started with voyeurism and escalated.

Lamar said he had sodomized the victim well over ten times from when the victim was 13 until now. Lamar said he engaged in multiple sexual scenarios with the victim. He also stated that the victim asked him to stop several times, and he refused.

Lamar was booked into the Duchesne County Jail on 10 Counts of Forcible Sodomy of a Minor.


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