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Drug fugitive found in Quail Hollow Apartments in Vernal, Utah.

Posted by Travis Uresk | Oct. 7th, 2022 | Drugs | Fugitive |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 9/28/22, Agent Simper and Agent Conley were looking for fugitive William Iron Eagle Naseyouma, who was hiding from parole. The Agents had information that William was currently staying at the Quail Hollow Apartments at 650 W 100 S in Vernal, Utah.

The Agents knocked on the door at 8:46 pm; a female answered the door. Agent Conley asked if William was there. She closed the door. Shortly after, another female opened the door and invited Agents inside to look for William.

The Agents found out William jumped off the back balcony of the northwest bedroom and ran on foot from the apartment. AP&P Agents called dispatch and said William had ran north and was wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, and a black jacket.

Multiple units responded to the area where William had run. Sgt Watkins deployed his K9 to help with the search.

Deputy Ogle got on the radio and told Officers that a male matching William's description was running north across the highway toward Ace Hardware.

Officers pursued William on foot and by vehicle with their lights and sirens activated. Agent Cannon called out to William over his intercom to stop. Once taken to the ground, William stopped resisting and was placed into handcuffs. According to the affidavit.

William was transported back to the Quail Hollow Apartments, where Agent Simper advised William of his Miranda rights. William admitted to running from the Police because he had a board of pardon warrants. William confirmed his street name is "Little Shadow."

Agent Cannon asked William about the bedroom that said "SHADOW" on the door. William said, "that was his older brother's room," and denied owning anything in the bedroom. William did admit to using methamphetamine the day before.

William was then transported to the Uintah County Jail by Trooper Searle.

While Agent Conley was searching the apartment, he found a glass meth pipe in plain sight on the nightstand in the bedroom with "SHADOW" on the door.

Agent Ercanbrack with AP&P had control of the apartment and had the three females sitting on the front porch. While speaking with the females, they had only been staying at the apartment since the day before. The apartment owner was in Myton, Ut. visiting her grandchildren. One of the females said they were homeless, and the owner of the apartment let them stay there, and they had no belongings in the apartment.

The same female said, "the northwest bedroom is where William has been staying and ran from the bedroom and jumped off the balcony when the Agents first knocked on the door." Two females had two warrants each, and both had no bail warrants. They were taken into custody and transported to the Uintah County Jail.

One female said she was just released from jail that day and provided a copy of the release paperwork. Agent Cannon asked her if she had any bags inside the apartment as it was being secured for a search warrant. She told Agent Cannon she had a plastic bag with all her belongings from when she was released from jail and gave the Agent consent to search the bag. No contraband was found, and she was released and free to go.

The apartment was secured due to the drug paraphernalia found in plain sight. Agent Cannon photographed the home before searching; as items were located, they were photographed in place, documented, and placed in evidence bags.

The bedroom where William was staying had IRS paperwork with his name, a meth bong, a digital scale with methamphetamine residue, and a red iPhone on the nightstand. A P22 Walther .22 pistol with two loaded magazines, 20 rounds total, was found between the mattress and box springs of the bed.

Miscellaneous meth and marijuana pipes were found in a box on the shelf. A safe was found in the closet, which needed a code to unlock it. A call was made to the jail to get the code from William, to which he refused.

Officers used a pry bar to open the safe. Inside the safe was a plastic pen melted or tooter with a black substance (suspected to be heroin), a plastic bag containing numerous small blue and red baggies, a plastic bag with marijuana flower, a glass pipe, a dab rig with stem, scale weights, a red straw with suspected methamphetamine residue, numerous clear baggies, and a black pouch with more red and blue bags and four individual red bags containing suspected methamphetamine varying in weight of 1.4 gm, 1.9 gm, and 2.5 gm totaling 7.7 grams. According to the affidavit.

In a review of William Naeyouma's criminal history, he is a convicted felon who has hidden from parole, making him a category one restricted person. Also observed was one conviction of possession of a controlled substance schedule I/II and two counts of possession of marijuana.

Due to the firearm, magazines, and ammunition, he was charged with possessing a firearm by a felon (felony 2). Due to a hunting knife in the room, William was charged with possessing a dangerous weapon (felony 3).

Due to the digital scale with residue, scale weights, multiple baggies, and individually packaged bags of suspected methamphetamine, William was charged with possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance (felony 2).

Due to the two convictions of marijuana, William was charged with possession of marijuana (misdemeanor A). Due to a large amount of drug paraphernalia intended for distribution, William was charged with manufacturing/delivering drug paraphernalia.

Due to William fleeing from the police officer on foot with sirens activated, he was charged with failure to stop at the command of a police officer. William was booked into the Uintah County Jail on his board of pardons warrant.


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