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Dispatch hears a female yelling on the phone, “That’s what you get for holding me down.”

Posted by Travis Uresk | April 23rd, 2023 | Assault |

By Travis Uresk


Naples, Ut.- On 4/16/23, Officer Cox was dispatched to a residence in Naples. The reporting party called 911, and dispatch heard a female yelling at a male, saying, "That's what you get for holding me down and grabbing my wrists." Then the call is disconnected.

When Officer Cox arrived, the female was speaking with a Deputy, and she was crying. The male involved was behind a garage and was identified as 39-year-old Alexander Donald Smith.

Officer Cox found Smith behind the garage and wanted to speak with him about what had happened tonight. The Officer could tell Smith was intoxicated, and Smith stated he didn't know or couldn't tell the Officer about the incident.

Smith then said that she shoved him, and his back hurt, so he had to defend himself and shoved her away. Smith was asked if anything else had occurred or if she would say something different had happened. He said he wasn't sure.''

Officer Cox went inside the residence and spoke with the female, who had also been drinking but didn't appear to be as intoxicated as Alex. She stated they had been at a party earlier, and Alex left before she did to go home.

The female later left the party but forgot her keys, so she knocked on their front door and called Alex, but he didn't answer. She went to the other side of the house and knocked on the door, and Alex answered the door and started screaming at her and calling her names.

She stated they continued to argue in the kitchen, and Alex shoved her three times hard enough that she had to take a few steps backward. She said they continued to argue back towards another room, and Alex was directly in her face yelling at her and shoving her again.

The female then stated they continued to argue back into the kitchen towards the living room, where there was a pool table. She was standing next to the pool table, and Alex shoved her backward and held her wrists, pushing her arms onto the pool table and holding her there. She said this was painful.

Officer Cox saw what appeared to be rubbed skin hanging from her wrists, and her forearms were red. She said she yelled at Alex to let her go, and he did. She then said that she wanted him out of the house, but he wouldn't leave, so she called 911 and started walking out of the house. The female stated when she said she was calling 911, Alex said he would get his things and go.

Officer Cox returned outside to speak with Alex and asked about the pool table incident. He stated that she shoved him onto the pool table, and he was defending himself because of his bad back.

Based on the 911 call from the female and both parties' stories, probable cause exists for the arrest of Alexander. Alex shoved the female three times and pushed her against a pool table, grabbing her wrists and causing her pain.

Alex was also intoxicated and a danger to his wife in his current state. He was arrested for domestic violence, assault, and intoxication and booked into the Uintah County Jail.


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