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Deputy Stops A Vehicle With One Headlight, Finds The Vehicle is Stolen Out Of Lehi, Ut.

By Travis Uresk



Duchesne, Ut.


At 11:00 p.m., Deputy Borrelli was patrolling Duchesne on Main Street when he saw a vehicle traveling East, passing 100 East with the right headlight out. Borrelli turned around and activated his overhead lights.

Once the lights were activated, the vehicle began to speed up. Deputy Borrelli increased his speed and followed the vehicle for about two miles. The vehicle pulled over and turned off the engine. The driver was then seen holding both hands out the window.

The driver was removed from the vehicle and identified as 28-year-old Dominic Walter Hendrickson.

Dominic was placed into handcuffs and asked if anything was on his person. He said a used syringe was in his front pocket, and the needle was used by him for meth approximately two hours ago.

Dominic's information was checked, and confirmed with dispatch that his driver's license was currently suspended. Dispatch also confirmed that his vehicle was registered as stolen out of Lehi City, Ut.

Deputy Borrelli confirmed the stolen vehicle matched the description and VIN of Dominic's vehicle.

Dominic was arrested and placed in the back of the patrol vehicle. Dominic was transported to the Duchesne County Jail and booked for failure to stop at the command of an officer (F3), Operating a stolen vehicle (F2), possession of a controlled substance with prior convictions (F3), possession of drug paraphernalia (MB), driving on suspended (MB), and headlight violation (IN).

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