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BIA and Uintah County dispatched to Ft. Duchesne for a domestic dispute


Ft. Duchesne, Ut.- On 1/31/24, at 4:30 am, BIA Officer Chapoose and Uintah County Sheriff's Deputy Ogle were dispatched to a residence in Ft. Duchesne regarding a domestic detail. The victim told Uintah County dispatch that his girlfriend, who had been drinking, was throwing things at him.

Upon the officer's arrival, Deputy Ogle entered the residence and saw the victim standing in the kitchen. Officer Chapoose stated that both individuals had been drinking and that the victim had some deep wounds on his arm and was trying to hide them from the officers.

Officer Chapoose spoke with Deputy Ogle and informed him that when speaking with the female, she told him that the victim was breaking up stuff, and according to the victim, the female was breaking up everything.

In the bedroom was a broken dresser mirror and glass all over the floor.

28-year-old Dailen Jessi Pete-Reed was read her Miranda Warning, in which she stated she didn't want to speak regarding the incident.

The victim just wanted Dailen to leave because she was "flipping out," throwing things at him and acting crazy. The victim mentioned that Dailen broke the mirror in their bedroom. He pointed to his right eyebrow, which appeared to be swollen, and said it was from being hit by something Dailen was throwing, maybe a bottle.

The victim's juvenile son stated he was in the living room when the arguing started and eventually had to go outside to get away from their fighting. When asked if he saw anything, he said yes and described hearing them yelling at each other and Dailen throwing glass at him.

Dailen Pete-Reed was arrested, escorted to Deputy Ogle's patrol vehicle, and placed in the backseat. While the Deputy was inside the residence, Dailen was able to unbuckle her seatbelt and get her handcuffs from behind her back to the front of her body.

Dailen was secured again and transported to the Uintah County Jail and booked on simple assault and three counts of domestic violence in the presence of a child.


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