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AP&P and police respond to a report of drug activity at Cottonwood Loop in Roosevelt

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.


At approximately 2:53 p.m., police response was made to a report of drug activity located at Cottonwood Loop in Roosevelt. When Deputy Woodhouse arrived, he was briefed by AP&P agent Coil, who conducted a stop on a gray sedan.

Agent Coil stated that the stop was to question the probationary party under his supervision, 28-year-old Carly Sue Foster. While speaking and searching Carly, Agent Coil found that she was in possession of meth and marijuana.

The drugs were found in Carly's purse, which she claimed and identified as hers throughout the investigation.

Agent Coil placed Carly in his custody to transport her to the Duchesne County Jail.

Carly Foster is being charged with UCA 58-37-8: two counts of felony drug possession, as she was convicted prior. 58-37A-5(1): Drug paraphernalia.


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