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An intoxicated woman gets into an argument with her tenant, shoves her in the face knocking her down

By Travis Uresk


Duchesne Co. Ut.- On 7/14/23, around 5:30, two Duchesne County Deputies responded to a domestic violence call reported by TJ. The complainant reported it had gotten physical.

TJ reported that she and her boyfriend, AR, had recently been permitted to live in a separate building on the same property. Off and on, 59-year-old Lori Ann Jacquez would tell the couple they would have to leave and then tell them they could stay as long as needed.

Lori complained about AR's vehicle always being in the way and continuously demanding that TJ and AR move their vehicle. TJ stated the vehicle wasn't blocking any of the other vehicles. Lori kept harassing the couple about it, finally causing TJ to lose her temper, and she yelled at Lori.

Lori responded by taking her hand and shoving TJ in the face. Lori's finger went into TJ's mouth, but Lori kept pushing TJ in the face causing her to fall to the ground. TJ said she bit down on Lori's finger, causing teeth marks. At this point, Lori was on top of TJ, continuously shoving her face and holding her arms down while TJ told Lori to get off her.

AR didn't see the incident but could hear them arguing and TJ telling Lori to get off her.

The Deputies attempted to speak with Lori about the incident, but she had locked herself inside the main residence, including locking her husband out of the house. Despite repeated requests, Lori refused to open the door to speak with the Deputies. It took almost an hour to convince Lori to open the door finally.

Lori claimed she had gone to where TJ and AR were staying to tell them to move their vehicle and left with TJ following behind her. Lori stated TJ followed and then assaulted her but wouldn't give any details of her side of the altercation and then claimed nothing had happened, giving an inconsistent statement.

While speaking with Lori, the Deputies could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from her person. Lori submitted to a portable breath test which showed positive for alcohol at .107 breath alcohol content. Lori had a visible mark on one of her fingers that was consistent with a bite mark.

Lori Jacquez was arrested and transported to the Duchesne County Jail where she was charged with domestic violence assault and intoxication.

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