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An Intoxicated Female Breaks Into A Home To Steal Alcohol

Posted by Travis Uresk | May 1st, 2023 | Intoxication |

By Travis Uresk


Duchesne Co.- On 4/26/23, Deputy Cox was dispatched to a domestic incident near Lake Boreham. The complainant stated a female was intoxicated and broke through two doors at his home.

While en route, the complainant stated she was lying face down on the floor in his home.

When Deputy Cox arrived, a male pulled up in a truck, later identified as the husband of the intoxicated female, who was identified as 65-year-old Lucinda Hansen. The male started causing issues upon his arrival and was arrested.

Deputy Cox observed a broken door leading to the garage, and a window was pushed in. The complainant said Lucinda did that. The homeowner took the Deputy inside the home, and he wanted to know where Lucinda was currently. The complainant stated she had locked herself inside the bathroom.

Cox knocked on the door, and Lucinda answered from inside, and after a while, she opened the door to speak with Deputy Cox.

Deputy Cox noted, "Lucinda's eyes were red and watery, I could detect a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person, and she had a slurred speech."

When Lucinda exited the bathroom, she fell to her knees. Cox asked her if she lived here, and she stated that the complainant lives here, and she lives about five miles down the road. She said that she owns the home. She also stated the complainant doesn't pay rent but takes care of the utilities.

Deputy Cox asked her if she was here to have fun and drink with her son, and she said, “No.”

He then asked her what she was here for, and she stated she came into the home to steal her son's alcohol. Lucinda was asked how she had gotten into the home. She stated she walked through the unlocked door.

The complainant didn't know she was coming over, and she stated he didn't. Lucinda said she walked into the home and entered his room while he was sleeping. Deputy Cox wasn't able to get any further information from Lucinda on the incident.

Deputy Cox went to speak with the complainant, and he stated that his mother was there to steal his alcohol, and he had a lot of it all over the house and wasn't sure if she was able to get to any of it. He also pointed out that Lucinda recently broke the front door while entering the home. He told her to leave multiple times, but she wouldn't.

Cox had Lucinda exit the home and told her she was under arrest, and when he went to put her hands behind her back, she refused and pulled away. The Deputy used a wrist manipulation technique and had another deputy's assistance to put her into handcuffs.

Lucinda then refused to enter the patrol vehicle and was lifted into the seat. Deputy Cox transported her to the Uintah Basin Medical Center for medical clearance due to her high level of intoxication.

Lucinda Hansen was then booked into the Duchesne County Jail for burglary-theft, for entering her son's home unlawfully with the intent to steal his alcohol, criminal mischief for the two broken doors, intoxication as she was a danger to herself and others, and interfering with an arresting Officer.


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