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A young girl calls 911, saying, "Her parents are drinking and fighting."

By Travis Uresk


Cederview, Ut.- On 7/4/23, Deputy Cox was dispatched to the Cederview area in Duchesne County on a domestic violence report. A young girl called in, stating that her parents had been drinking and were verbally arguing, and her mother was getting physical with her dad.

When Deputy Cox arrived, three juveniles met him outside the home. The young girl who called stated that her mom tried leaving, but her dad stopped her because she had been drinking. She also stated her mom tried choking her dad, and her dad bear-hugged her to get her to stop and told her to stop.

The little girl also stated her mother threw something of her dad's, and he did get a strong grip on her mom's arm during the incident to get her off of him.

Deputy Cox went to the door and announced himself, and he could hear the female yelling at her husband. He asked the female to come outside with him to speak.

The female, identified as 35-year-old Mindy Kay Migliori, had a strong odor of alcohol coming from her person and watery eyes. Mindy became emotional when Deputy Cox asked her to tell him what had happened. She then asked the Deputy that he spoke with her husband first.

Deputy Cox went inside the residence and saw the husband's throat was red and appeared to have a scratch mark from the front to the back of his neck. He had also been drinking and said they saw the fireworks tonight.

On the drive home, they were joking with each other and thanking each other for certain things. He then told Mindy, "You're welcome for the house," and he stated that Mindy flipped and became offended by his statement, and this caused them to start arguing.

The Deputy asked him to tell him about the physical part of the incident. The male acted like it wasn't a big deal and said Mindy had swung at him, but he blocked her punches. He was then asked if breathing became hard when Mindy grabbed him by the neck. He stated that it did constrict his breathing, but he wasn't worried and pushed Mindy away because one of their kids was nearby and another was downstairs. He also stated that Mindy has been really depressed lately, and it becomes worse when they drink alcohol.

Deputy Cox went back outside to speak with Mindy and asked if the argument her husband stated they had was what occurred, and she shook her head "Yes" and continued to be emotional. She was asked if anything was physical, and she shook her head. "No."

Deputy Cox told her that her husband said that she swung at him, and she then said that she actually hit him. Mindy was asked if she grabbed his throat, but she didn't say anything.

Deputy Cox asked Mindy if she had anything she wanted to tell him, and she didn't appear to want to say anything else and was still emotional and said just to take her.

Mindy was placed under arrest and placed into the patrol vehicle. Deputy Cox returned to speak with the family, and they were very angry that he was arresting Mindy. Her husband refused to be screened and didn't want a victim's advocate.

Mindy was then booked into the Duchesne County Jail for aggravated assault for hitting her husband and grabbing his neck, causing constriction of his breathing, intoxication, and domestic violence in the presence of a child.

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