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A woman locks herself in a bathroom inside an auto parts store

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.- On 7/26/23, Cpl. Barton was called to the O'Reilley Auto Parts store, and dispatch advised him that a female came into the store and asked to use the bathroom, and she had been in the restroom for almost an hour and wouldn't open the door for the employees.

When Cpl. Barton arrived. He made contact with a female employee, and she took him to the restroom and said the female locked the door and was inside and won't come out.

The Officer approached the door, knocked, and announced himself, telling her to open the door. Barton heard the female say something, and he told her again to open the door. This time she opened the door, and she began talking fast and making no sense.

The female was identified as 47-year-old Jamie Elizabeth Maio. Barton told her that the Manager had been trying to get her to come out for about n hour now. Jamie began saying that she would prop the door open when she was done.

It was explained to Jamie that they let her use the bathroom, and they now wanted her to leave. Jamie continued talking fast about her getting her medication filled.

Due to Jamie's behavior, her talking fast, not being able to sit still, and moving her hands around constantly, Jamie was asked if she had been using illegal drugs and if she had any illegal drugs on her person. She said no, and Cpl. Barton asked if he could search her property.

Jamie gave consent, and the Officer searched her bag. Inside was a clear bag with meth and a pen used to smoke and or snort illegal drugs. The Cpl took possession of the drugs and drug paraphernalia and arrested Jamie.

Because of Jamie's behavior, she was transported to the UBMC ER for medical clearance. She was cleared and transported to the Duchesne County Jail and booked for possession of controlled substances and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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