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A Woman Keeps Getting Arrested For Trespassing From A Lapoint Property

Posted by Travis Uresk | May 16th, 2023 | Criminal Trespass |

By Travis Uresk


Lapoint, Ut.-On 4/28/23, Deputy Lyman was advised of a trespassing detail at a residence in Lapoint. Dispatch had two parties on the phone, and one was known as 67-year-old Ronda Rena Fisher. The Deputy was familiar with Ronda from previous incidents at the reported location.

Dispatch advised that a male was talking to them on the phone, and she took it from him. The male was reporting Ronda on his property, and she decided she needed to talk to dispatch and report something instead of letting him talk to dispatch.

The Deputy was in the area and arrived on the scene quickly.

The male was in his vehicle, and Ronda came outside the residence to meet with Deputy Lyman. The male owned the property, and Ronda had been trespassed several times and continued to return to the residence.

The owner of the residence stated Ronda had just gotten out of jail and knew she would return, so he kept checking and found her inside the home. Deputy Lyman talked to Ronda, and she stated she was cleaning up the residence because she had belongings in it.

Ronda had not lived at this residence in several months, as she had been living in a camper on a property down the road from this residence.

The owner stated after they had gotten Ronda out of the residence the last time, they had cleaned out all of her belongings and cleaned the house to prepare it for family members to move in. Ronda shouldn't have any belongings inside the residence other than what she had taken in there after being released from jail three days before.

Ronda has continuously returned to the property after being arrested for trespassing. She continues to return, claiming ownership of the property even though it has been determined that she isn't the owner.

Ronda was arrested for criminal trespassing and transported to the Uintah County Jail.

Lapoint, Ut.-On 5/13/23, Sgt. Hill responded to an incident and contacted the complainant, who showed him a court document that had been served to Ronda Rena Fisher regarding a five-day eviction notice that was served in February 2023.

Sgt. Hill was informed that Ronda has been on the property multiple times since being served the eviction, including the day before, when another Officer was looking for her to arrest her on the charges.

The complainant told Sgt. Hill that Ronda was still on the property in a van in the backyard. Hill made contact with Ronda while sitting in the back of the van. After several requests, Ronda finally got out of the van and admitted she had gotten the eviction notice.

She knew about the eviction notice but stated another family member told her to come to the property and wait for her. Sgt. Hill informed her the property owner was the person with the eviction notice and didn't want her on his land.

Ronda argued that the eviction notice was only for the building, not the land. Ronda was informed that it was for the property and everything on it.

Ronda Fisher was placed in handcuffs, transported to the Uintah County Jail, and booked in on criminal trespassing charges.

At the jail, Ronda was again told not to return to that property and was trespassed.

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May 17, 2023

Omg! That's so sad! I wonder why doesn't she understand the no trespassing notice?

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