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A woman hits her boyfriend with a log during an argument over car keys


Cedarview, Ut.- On 8/11/23, Deputy Kearney was dispatched to an address at approximately 2700 West 4000 North in the Cedarview area on a report of a domestic assault in progress.

As the Deputy approached the residence, he passed a woman, later identified as the suspect, 38-year-old Tashea Rose Cornpeach.

Once on scene, Deputy Kearney was unable to find the 52-year-old male. The male had left the scene before the Deputy's arrival because he had an active warrant for his arrest. UHP Trooper Lewis stopped Tashea, who also left the scene, and transported her back to the residence where the incident occurred.

Tashea stated she and her boyfriend were at the home where the male was mowing weeds down for a family member. They drove Tashea's vehicle to the residence, and she wanted to leave and return home to Ft. Duchesne.

Tashea asked for the keys to her vehicle, and her boyfriend responded they were inside the house. She went inside the home to look for her keys and couldn't find them. Tashea went back outside and asked her boyfriend for the keys again, and he wouldn't give the keys to her.

Tashea said she looked for the keys inside the vehicle but couldn't find them there either. She stated she and her boyfriend began to argue over the keys, and she pushed him, picked up a log, and hit the male in the hand. Tashea said he kicked her in the leg and stomach, then punched her on the right cheek. She also stated she punched and slapped her boyfriend.

Deputy Kearney didn’t see any physical injuries on Tashea’s stomach or on her face. He didn’t check her leg for injuries because it was close to her private area.


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