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A Woman Gets Sexually And Physically Assaulted In A Vernal Hotel

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Posted by Travis Uresk | Feb. 8th, 2023 | Aggravated Assault |

By Travis Uresk


Criminal & Traffic Records:

BryanTrentLambert-Criminal & Traffic Records
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Vernal, Ut.- On Monday, July 11, 2022, at 1:00 am, Vernal Police Officer Borrelli responded to the Quality Inn Hotel located at 1684 West US40 on a report of a fire alarm that was upgraded to an assault detail.

Officer Borrelli learned the fire alarm was pulled by a female who was reportedly assaulted by an acquaintance named Vernal, Ut.- On Monday, July 11, 2022, at 1:00 am, Vernal Police Officer Borrelli responded to the Quality Inn Hotel located at 1684 West US40 on a report of a fire alarm that was upgraded to an assault detail. Bryan fled the hotel after the victim set off the alarms.

Bryan Trent Lambert

Bryan was not located by responding or investigating officers.

The victim told Officer Borrelli she met Bryan Lambert at the bar earlier that evening and said she hit it off with him, and they went up to her room in the hotel. She said that Bryan assaulted her for not wanting to perform fellatio on him anymore.

She said Bryan pushed her down, started scratching her, and held her down by the neck. She showed Officer Borrelli the left side of her neck, indicating the location of the injuries.

The victim had a horizontal abrasion just above the collarbone at the bottom of the left neck area, another abrasion on the back left side of her neck, reddening on the left cheek and below the left ear, reddening to the front left area of her upper chest, discoloration on her front right neck, a laceration on the top portion of her inside lip, an abrasion to her left middle finger, a bruise on her inside thigh, a rug-style burn/abrasion on her left middle back, and an abrasion injury on her right bottom shin above her right ankle.

She told Officer Borrelli Bryan pushed her down, forcibly pinning her down with his hands around her neck. The victim told Officer Borrelli she lost consciousness and couldn't scream or talk.

The victim said, "He seemed like a really nice guy."

She said Bryan smacked her so hard in the face she couldn't hear and told him to leave after being hit.

She took the officers into the bathroom and pointed out that Bryan was standing up against the bathroom counter, and she was on her knees (Performing oral sex). The victim demonstrated that she was hit across the right side of her face, which caused her to lose hearing in her right ear.

Furthermore, the victim states she was knocked to the ground from the impact and said she stood to her feet and told Bryan to leave, but he refused. She told the officer Bryan threw her to the ground inside the bathroom. She then said Bryan drug her into the bedroom, where Bryan put his forearm into the front of her neck.

She said Bryan told her she messed up badly and he was the man she shouldn't have met, and she was going to regret everything.

The victim said she was able to fight her way over to the door and pull the fire alarm, and ran out into the hallway. During this time, Bryan took off.

Based on the statements and her injuries were consistent with being in a physical altercation and matched her version of the events. On July 13, 2022, Detective Sergeant Mike Tribe spoke with Bryan Lambert by phone.

During this conversation, Bryan confirmed being at the Quality Inn Hotel located at 1684 West, US40, Vernal, Utah, on July 11, 2022. Bryan told Detective Tribe he met an unknown female at the bar and later went to her room to have drinks.

Bryan told Detective Tribe the female solicited him for other things and said he denied her advances. Bryan said she was grabbing his wallet from the back of his pants and was basically robbing him.

Bryan said the female ran out into the hallway, pulled the fire alarm, and yelled rape. Bryan admitted to leaving the hotel and not contacting the police because he has a girlfriend and didn't want to explain that he went to some random girl's room.

Bryan denied engaging in any sexual contact.

Detective Tribe asked Bryan about kissing the victim, and he denied kissing her.

However, a review of the video surveillance obtained from the bar depicted the victim and Bryan kissing.

Detective Tribe attempted to meet with Bryan in person; however, that did not occur because Bryan had other obligations. On August 26, 2022, Bryan Lambert was seen by Vernal Police Officers at the Dinosaur Balloon Festival.

Bryan was contacted and arrested without incident for Aggravated Domestic Violence Assault. Detective Tribe conducted a post-Miranda interview at the Uintah County Jail, and Bryan maintained his original statement.

Detective Tribe confronted Bryan about the injuries observed on the victim, and Bryan continually denied the allegations. Based on the outcome of this investigation, Bryan and the victim were engaged in a consensual sexual relationship.

The victim stopped performing fellatio, which led to Bryan hitting her across the face causing temporary hearing impairment. Furthermore, Bryan dragged the victim across the floor and proceeded to put his forearm on her neck, rendering her unconscious. The victim has injuries consistent with the description of events. Detective Tribe believes Bryan Lambert committed the crime of Aggravated Domestic Violence Assault.


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