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A welfare check turns into a male running from the police and stripping off all his clothes

Posted by Travis Uresk | April 14th, 2023 | Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Uintah, Co.- On 4/11/23, UHP Trooper Major was called to a welfare check on US-40 near milepost 170. The caller stated the male was walking down the highway with no shirt and suspected the man was on drugs or had mental health issues.

The caller described the male, and the Trooper made his way to the last known location where the man was seen.

Trooper Major saw a man matching the description at milepost 169 on a dirt road, made contact with the man, and asked him about his welfare. The man stated he was homeless and trying to get to California or Washington.

The Trooper offered him some water, which he accepted, and asked his name. The man provided the Trooper his name, date of birth, and social security number. The man was identified as 47-year-old Ricky Lee DeGeorge.

Trooper Major performed a records check on the information Ricky gave him and found he had three active statewide warrants for his arrest. One of the warrants was a felony no-bail statewide warrant.

The Trooper approached Ricky and informed him he had three active warrants for his arrest. While the Trooper was explaining the warrants, Ricky began to scream at the Trooper. Ricky said, "He would not be going to jail, and he was going to fight, resist arrest, and rip your head off."

Ricky stood up and was getting increasingly agitated, yelling more threats, and he grabbed his bag and ran into a field just North of their position.

Trooper Major called for additional units and waited for them to arrive. Once they had more Officers in place, they moved in to take Ricky into custody. The police started moving toward Ricky, and he kept running away from the police.

As they got closer, Ricky began stripping off all his clothes and fell to his knees. As the police approached, Ricky held a silver object in his right hand. The Officers told him to drop the object.

Ricky stated it was a marijuana pipe and that he was going to smoke before he went to jail. He smoked the pied and threw it away, obeyed the Officer's commands to go prone, and was taken into custody without further incident.

The police recovered his clothes and the bag he had with him. Inside his jacket pocket was a silicone container filled with a substance consistent with marijuana concentrate. In Kevin's personal belongings, they found a metal gold pipe with burnt marijuana residue.

A records check showed Ricky was on probation, and Trooper Major made contact with AP&P, who informed him Ricky was a fugitive who had absconded from probation/parole.

Ricky told Trooper Major multiple times he would not be taking care of the new charges or the charges from his warrants. He also said he fully intended to leave the state without doing anything about the charges.

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