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A vehicle gets stopped for a nonworking license plate light. Officers find drugs and a shotgun

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 7/1/23, Sgt. Gledhill noticed a vehicle exiting the Maverik parking at 1740 West US-40. The vehicle stopped on the sidewalk before exiting the parking lot and then turning West onto US-40.

Sgt. Gledhill followed the vehicle and saw that the vehicle didn't have a working rear license plate light, and initiated a traffic stop at 2000 West US-40. The Officer made contact with the driver, who was identified as 31-year-old Kimirah D. Redfoot.

The Officer checked Kimirah's information and found that she had a warrant issued for her arrest and that her driver's license was suspended.

Cpl. Randall arrived on scene to assist with his K-9, and Kimirah was asked to exit her vehicle so that the K-9 could do a free-air sniff around the vehicle. The K-9 alerted the odor of illegal narcotics, and the vehicle was searched.

On the front passenger side floorboard was a locked bag. The bag had the name "Redfoot" written on it. Kimirah was asked to unlock the bag bur was hesitant. She was told that the bag would be opened one way or another. Kimirah unlocked the combination, and inside the bag was marijuana, a THC vape cartridge, and glass pipes containing meth residue.

In the rear of the vehicle was an open bottle of rum that was half empty. In the rear hatch was a backpack full of shotgun clips and live ammunition. A semi-automatic shotgun with a suppressor was wrapped in a towel in the rear hatch. The gun was not on safety and had a live round in the chamber.

Kamirah was placed under arrest and was informed of her Miranda Rights. During questioning, she admitted to using meth earlier that day and being the owner of the open bottle of rum. She said the glass pipe containing meth would have her fingerprints on it, and the marijuana she stated she was going to deliver it to her friends, along with new glass bongs.

Kamirah stated she had been using meth a couple of times a week for the past several months, and she was given the shotgun as a gift about a month ago. She had been at the shooting range in Ft. Duchesne shooting the shotgun around that same time frame.

Kimirah Redfoot was then transported to the Uintah County Jail, where they had her perform field sobriety tests. Sgt. Gledhill formed the opinion that she was under the influence to the degree that she was incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle.


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