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A Uintah Co. Officer Patrolling In Ballard Saw A Man Wanted By AP&P Pushing Snow

Posted by Travis Uresk | Jan. 30th, 2023 | Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Ballard, Ut.- On 01/25/23, Officer Mieure was patrolling in the area of 3500 E 1700 N when he observed Jesse Craig Bromley pushing snow along the fence line of his property.

Officer Mieure knew Jesse had an active Board of Pardons Warrant and Adult Probation and Parole (AP&P). Agent Cook was actively looking for Jesse.

Officer Mieure knew Jesse from previous cases he had investigated before this incident. As he pulled up to Jesse, Officer Mieure stepped out of his patrol vehicle and informed Jesse that he had a warrant for his arrest and that Agent Cook had been trying to contact him.

Jesse immediately got onto the phone and called Agent Cook to check-in.

Agent Cook talked with Jesse on the phone for a while and informed Jesse that he would call Officer Mieure.

Agent Cook called Officer Mieure and confirmed that he was still looking for Jesse and stated that he would respond to the residence and search the property.

When AP&P Agents arrived on the scene, Officer Mieure turned the investigation over to them, and they all went inside the home.

Officer Mieure assisted by watching Jesse and his spouse in the living room while the AP&P Agents conducted their search. During the investigation, the agents located a small case in the living room next to the sofa, which contained a small spoon with what appeared to be tar heroin.

The container also included a small baggie of brown heroin, a small scale, and some hypodermic needles. One of the needles was loaded with an unknown substance.

AP&P Agents also located multiple fixed-blade knives and a switchblade inside the residence. Jesse is a category 1 restricted person due to felony probation for Schedule 1/2 drug charges.

AP&P placed Jesse under arrest and transported him to Uintah County jail, where they served him with his Board of Pardons warrant.

Jesse Craig Bromley has quite the criminal history. (Below)

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