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A Uintah Basin Man Arrested For Child Abuse


On February 23rd, 2024, the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office received a call from the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) of a report involving child abuse.

The child was interviewed at the Children's Justice Center in Roosevelt, Utah. During the interview, the child stated that a few days before, 30-year-old Bradley Ryan Vancampen had told the child to go to his aunt's house next door to help her pick up sticks in the yard. The child returned after dark, and Bradley went over to check if the job was finished, but the child was unable to pick up all the sticks before dark.

Bradley then returned home and was angry. The child stated that Bradley slapped him across the face, then picked him up and slammed him face-first on the living room floor. The child sustained a bruise next to his left eye and a cut across the bridge of his nose.

The cuts and bruises were photographed for evidence.

Detective Hunter spoke with Bradley by telephone after the interview and stated he was in Vernal, Utah. Bradley was asked to meet the detective at Lowe's to talk about the incident.

Bradley was informed about the child abuse case and placed into custody.

Bradley Vancampen was transported to the Duchesne County Jail by Deputy Woodhouse and booked in on one count of child abuse. While at the jail, Bradley informed Deputy Woodhouse that he has a current charge out of Uintah County for domestic violence in the presence of a child X9, criminal mischief, and an open container.

Husband Chokes His Wife Then Threatens To Kill Himself

By Travis Uresk

September, 2023

Vernal, Ut. — On Sunday, 9/17/23, Officer White responded to a welfare check at a residence in Vernal. Officer White contacted the complainant, who stated that they were told that a physical altercation had occurred at that residence earlier in the week and wanted the female to be checked on.

The complainant also informed that the female had been choked by her husband, 29-year-old Bradley Ryan Vancampen, and he had held a gun to his head, threatening to kill himself. There was a report that several children were inside the home at the time of the incident.

Officer White contacted the victim and Bradley at the residence, and the two were separated. The victim stated that they had been drinking on Wednesday, and there had been a physical fight between them. She stated that Bradley had choked her and had been throwing her around.

Bradley was standing behind her with the victim’s neck in the pit of his elbow. The victim said she almost lost consciousness twice while being choked. She also said she was in fear for her life.

Bradley told the victim that he would stop if she raised her arms above her head. Even though she complied with his request, he didn't stop, and every time she believed she would lose consciousness, she would wiggle around, which forced Bradley to reposition his body. Officer White asked the victim how her neck felt, and she replied that her neck and jaw were sore.

Nine children were in the home at the time of the incident but were all asleep. A four-month-old child slept in the same room where the assault took place.

The victim was asked if anything was broken during the fight, and she said she didn't think anything had been. While speaking with the complainant, Officer White had been made aware of a sizable bruise that the victim had sustained during the fight.

The Officer asked her about that bruise, and she showed him the injury on her left elbow. Officer White saw that there had been a deep blue and purplish bruise and a slight injury to the skin on top of that bruise.

Officer White then spoke with Bradley about the incident, stating that he was intoxicated and didn't remember what had happened. Bradley said he remembered that he left and his wife was no longer there when he returned.

Officer White continued asking him questions, but he denied remembering any physical altercation.

At that time, Officer White placed him into handcuffs and transported him to the Uintah County Jail.


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