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A traffic stop leads to finding a female with a warrant and drugs

Posted by Travis Uresk | June 5th, 2023 | Warrant & Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 5/27/23, at around 4:00 pm, Officer Beatty observed a small passenger truck traveling North on Vernal Ave., which had equipment violations. Two people were inside the vehicle, a male driving and a female sitting in the middle without wearing a seat belt.

A traffic stop was performed at 600 South Vernal Ave., and Officer Beatty asked the driver for the necessary documents. While waiting for the information, the Officer asked the female if she had any ID. She provided a driver's license, which identified her as 33-year-old Ruth Elizabeth Allen.

The Officer had dispatch check both individuals for warrants using the driver's license they provided. Dispatch informed the Officer that Ruth had an active no-bail warrant from 8th District Court Duchesne.

Officer Beatty informed Ruth she had an active warrant for her arrest and placed her into handcuffs behind her back.

Once Ruth was in handcuffs, a search of her person was performed. A pink bag was inside of her right front pocket. Inside the bag was a glass pipe with a white residue and a hollow metal pipe. It was determined the residue was consistent with methamphetamine.

A criminal history search was performed, and it was found that Ruth had had at least two convictions within the last 7 years for possession of a controlled substance. Therefore enhancing the charge to a felony 3.

Ruth Allen was taken to the Uintah County Jail and booked for the following offenses.

Warrant #221800266

Possession of a Controlled Substance 58-37-8(2)(B)(II)

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia 58-37A-5(1)


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