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A Sex Offender Gets Arrested For Not Keeping His Information Current

Posted by Travis Uresk | Feb. 27th, 2023 | Sex Offender |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 1/26/2023, Detective Gardenheir arrested 20-year-old Seymone Orville Jahir Gonzalez for failure to register as a sex offender, a 3rd-degree felony. This incident occurred at 54 West Main Street, room 212, at the Sage Motel, Vernal, Utah.

Seymone's current registered address is 24 West Main Street #4. According to Agent Ercanbrack, Seymone is on an ankle monitor and has not stayed at 24 West Main Street #4 since 1/11/2023.

Most of Seymone's activity shows he has stayed at 650 North 100 East.

Seymone's current location showed he was near 54 West Main Street.

Detective Gardenheir checked the sex offender registry system and confirmed Seymone is required to register and is on the Utah kidnap and sex offender registry for a felony offense.

Per the State of Utah Sex Offender Registration that Seymone signed, the Terms and Conditions for his registration are outlined as follows:

Every Six Months Within THREE WORKING DAYS of ANY change in HABITAITION (residence) Within THREE WORKING DAYS of ANY change in VEHICLE information Within THREE WORKING DAYS of ANY change in EDUCATIONAL AFFILIATION information Within THREE WORKING DAYS of ANY change in place of EMPLOYMENT or carries on a vocation.

An offender shall provide the department or the registering agency with the following:

All names and aliases, the addresses of primary and secondary residences, offenders physical description, vehicle information, current photograph of the offender, fingerprints, DNA, all telephone information, name and internet addresses of all websites the offender is registered using an online identifier, including all online identities used to access those websites (any electronic mail, chat, instant messenger, social networking or similar name used for internet communications except for identifiers used for the offender's employment, financial accounts, including any bank, retirement, or investment accounts) copy of passports and immigration status, all professional licenses, all Utah educational institution affiliations, employment information, all volunteer information and affiliations, and social security number.

Agent Ercanbrack called Seymone, and he stated he was at 54 West Main Street, Room 212. When Detective Gardenheir arrived with Agent Ercanbrack and spoke with Seymone, they asked Seymone what his registered address was, and he confirmed it was 24 West Main Street #4.

Detective Gardenheir asked Seymone when he last stayed at that address. Seymone told him sometime last week. After Detective Gardenheir told Seymone he looked at his ankle monitor log, he said it could have been sometime near 1/11/2023.

Seymone was then placed under arrest and handcuffed behind his back. Agent Ercanbrack transported Seymone to the Uintah County Jail, where he was later booked for failure to register as a sex offender.


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