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A Roosevelt, Ut. Woman Sexually Abuses Two Young Boys

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut. On 4/26/23, Roosevelt City Police received information from the Division of Child and Family Services of possible sexual abuse of a child.

The suspect was identified as 22-year-old Alexie Irene Maylett.

Alexie Irene Maylett

During the investigation, the RPD was able to identify two victims. Both victims are six years old and are siblings.

On 5/22/23, RPD interviewed the two young boys at the Children's Justice Center. One of the boys stated that Alexis had touched him inappropriately three to five times while at Alexie's house. He also stated his clothes would be on, but Alexis's clothes would be off when she touched him. He said this would make him sad, and wanted to hide from Alexie.

On 5/25/23, RPD interviewed the second child at the Children's Justice Center. He stated Alexie inappropriately touched him with her hand, and after she touched him, Alexie would say, "I touched your pee-pee, I touched your pee-pee."

Alexie is being charged with six counts of sexual abuse of a child.


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