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A Roosevelt Man Smothers A Woman With A Pillow Until She Loses Consciousness


Roosevelt, Ut.— On 2/7/24, Officer Arnold was dispatched to meet with a female at the AP&P Office in Ballard, Utah, on reports of domestic violence that had occurred on 2/2/24 in Roosevelt, Utah.

When the officer arrived at the location, he met with the victim in the lobby and could see that she had bruising under her eyes. Officer Arnold asked her what had happened, and she stated that 53-year-old Roy Dennis Tibbets hit her.

The victim explained that Roy had cheated on her, and when he got home, they started to argue. Roy grabbed her by the arms, and she told him to leave or she was going to call the cops.

The victim explained that Roy took her phone, and she told him that it was against the law, to which he replied, "I'll show you what's against the law."

The victim stated Roy came at her, and she put her legs up to try and block him. Roy began hitting her, making her nose bleed. He then held her to a pillow while her nose was bleeding. The victim started yelling she couldn't breathe and blacked out.

The victim said she wanted to go to the hospital, but Roy wouldn't let her leave the residence. She was able to get to the bathroom to clean up, but later, she said someone was at the door and left. The victim also mentioned at some point during the altercation, Roy said he was going to kill her.

The victim told Officer Arnold after she left the residence to go to the hospital, and while at the hospital, she told the staff she was hit by a ball.

On 2/23/24, Roy was found and arrested by RPD, taken to the Roosevelt Police Department, and held for an interview. Officer Arnold was informed by Sgt Harrison that the victim had changed her story and would be in the next day to make a new statement.

During the interview, Roy stated there was a big misunderstanding and believed the victim must have been in shock. He said he arrived home as two individuals entered a vehicle and left his residence.

Roy said he then went inside and found the victim bleeding on the bed. He got her to the bathroom to help her stop the bleeding, then told her she should go to the ER. Roy then told Officer Arnold they began walking to the hospital, and after walking about a block, he let her continue on her own and went back home.

Officer Arnold decided there was Probable Cause that Roy committed the offenses of domestic violence and was placed under arrest and then transported to the Duchesne County Jail.


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