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A Records Check On A Vehicle Finds The Driver Hasn’t Registered As A Sex Offender


Maeser, Ut.- On March 3rd, 2024, a vehicle left the Maeser 7-Eleven at 500 North 2500 West when Deputy O'Donnal conducted a records check. The state database returned showing insurance not found; request proof.

The vehicle was traveling East on 500 North when the deputy conducted a traffic stop near 2200 West.

The driver, later identified as 44-year-old Bradley Scott Whitley, was told the stop was due to no insurance. Bradley explained there was insurance on the vehicle and had issues in the past regarding the vehicle's insurance status. Bradley stated that the vehicle was his but that he had only owned it for five months.

A records check was conducted through central dispatch, and it returned that Bradley was a registered sex offender. The vehicle he was in was not currently listed as a registered vehicle on the sex offender registry system.

It was also found that Bradley was issued a citation on 1/7/24 in the same vehicle by VPD, confirming that he has had the vehicle for at least two months.

Bradley was asked why he hadn't registered the vehicle. Bradley stated he barely got the ownership under his name and has been driving it to work. He was asked again how long, and he stated for a while. Deputy O'Donnal asked how long a while was, and he said a few months.

After placing Bradley under arrest, he became argumentative and was escorted to the patrol vehicle, where he refused to get in. Bradley refused a lawful order and stiffened his legs up when trying to put his legs inside the vehicle. Bradley was informed that if he didn't listen, he would also be charged with interference with an arresting officer.

Bradley refused to move his legs and get into the patrol vehicle.

Bradley Whitley was booked into the Uintah County Jail for failure to register as a sex offender and interference with the arresting officer.


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