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A Man With A Gun Goes To A House In Duchesne And Threatens Another Man To Kidnap His Daughter

Posted by Travis Uresk | Jan. 17th, 2023 | Possession Of A Dangerous Weapon |

By Travis Uresk


Duchesne, Ut.- On 01/11/23, law enforcement responded to a service call and spoke with a subject that stated on 01/07/23, Blake Vincent Holt came to his house in Duchesne and had a black semi-auto handgun in his side belt area.

Blake told the man that he would kidnap his daughter and shoot her foster-care parents. Blake's daughter is 4 years old, and he does not have custody of her.

Blake was charged with child physical abuse. The 4-year-old is currently in foster care.

Blake was served a protective order on 01/05/23, which is in effect, and this order restricted Blake from possessing any firearms. Blake was the respondent in this protective order, and the petitioner was Blake's former girlfriend.

His former girlfriend is the 4-year-olds biological mother. The caller is the ex-girlfriend's brother. Blake also is a convicted felon making him a category 2 restricted person, restricting him from possessing firearms or dangerous weapons.

On 01/11/23, a search warrant was approved and executed on Blake's home and a vehicle in Duchesne City, Utah. Several boxes of ammunition, one large gun magazine, and a small safe were seized. No gun had been recovered at this time.

The safe was locked, but there were unknown contents inside of it. There were small holes in this safe, and Officer Mathews could not see a gun in it.

Blake wasn't home, and a neighbor informed law enforcement that Blake had left in an unknown white vehicle.

Officer Mathews spoke with a DCFS employee who informed him that Blake, on 01/11/23, had a supervised visit with the 4-year-old girl. This meeting was held in Vernal City, Utah. One of the foster parents was present at the time of this visit and didn't know that Blake had made a threat toward one of them last Saturday.

Officer Mathews was informed that Blake was with his brother Scott Holt and the vehicle they were in was possibly a white Dodge Durango but wasn't for sure.

Officer Mathews was also told that Blake told his daughter he was staying in a hotel. Officer Mathews found a record stating that a white 2006 GMC Envoy was registered to Scott. This vehicle was similar to a white Dodge Durango. He didn't find any other vehicles registered to Scott or Blake similar to a white Dodge Durango.

Officer Mathews notified Vernal City Police of the information and what he received on this case.

Later, on 01/12/23, around 2:19 AM, VPD informed Officer Mathews that Naples City Police had located the GMC Envoy vehicle parked at Microtel, a hotel in Naples City, Utah. Officer Mathews later went to this hotel, at around 4 AM, to look for the GMC Envoy.

Officer Mathews found the vehicle parked on the northside parking lot of the Microtel hotel building by the north entrance door. He confirmed this vehicle was registered to Scott Holt. Officer Mathews spoke with a Microtel hotel representative and learned Blake was staying in room number 103 on the first floor.

On 01/12/23, a search warrant was approved and executed on this hotel and Scott's vehicle. No firearm evidence was located at that time. Blake was found, placed in custody, and transported to the Duchesne County Jail without incident.

Blake asserted his right to remain silent, so no interview was conducted.

Blake's brother Scott was located, and he stated that there were guns in Blake's storage unit in Duchesne City, Utah. A search warrant will be applied for Blake's storage unit, but for now, the jail requires holding documents at the jail.

Officer Mathews Statement:

Based on the information received, there was testimonial evidence that Blake threatened to shoot his daughter's foster-care parents and kidnap her. The witness also stated that he saw a gun on Blake's person. After a search warrant was executed on Blake's home, ammunition was found, and Blake's brother stated that Blake had firearms in his storage unit. It is unknown if Blake would have harmed the foster parents and kidnap his daughter, but Blake threatened to do so and has the means to do it.


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