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A man was found unresponsive in his running truck in Ballard.

By Travis Uresk 1Nationjustice


Ballard, Ut.- On 9/16/23, Deputy Lyman was dispatched to an unconscious man near 1769 North 1500 East in Ballard. Due to the Deputy's distance from the area, the Roosevelt Police Department was requested to assist.

RPD responded and located 30-year-old Tyler Jay Navanick in the driver’s seat with the vehicle running. Tyler was removed from the vehicle to be evaluated by emergency medical services.

Deputy Lyman arrived on scene as Tyler was finished being evaluated. Deputy Lyman approached Tyler and could smell the odor of alcohol coming from his person.

Tyler explained what had happened. He stated that he had been drinking and had been left there on the side of the road. Tyler got cold, got into the driver's seat, and turned the vehicle on to warm up. Tyler stated he had dropped off his friends at his house and was left on the roadside.

Deputy Lyman requested that Tyler perform Standard Field Sobriety Tests.

Lyman asked Tyler if he had any problems with his vision. Tyler stated his vision was blurry, and he had problems with it. Tyler said he could not read the license plate on the patrol car, which was approximately 30 feet away. Deputy Lyman held his finger in front of Tyler's face and asked if he could see my finger. Tyler stated he could, and the Deputy moved his finger to the side to see if he could track his finger.

Tyler followed Lyman’s finger with his eyes to approximately 20 degrees and would not continue to follow his finger, stating he could no longer see it. Lyman observed the white on the sides of Tyler's eyes, indicating he was not turning his eyes completely and was not attempting to follow the Deputy's finger. Due to Tyler not cooperating and his statement of not being able to see the Deputy's finger, this portion of FSTs was stopped.

Deputy Lyman then asked Tyler about his legs and if he had any medical conditions. Tyler stated his leg was hurting. The Deputy then began demonstrating the 9-step walk and turn and asked Tyler to stay in the starting position. Tyler attempted to stand in the starting position and began to lose his balance, stating his leg was hurting and could not complete the test.

Tyler was asked if he could stand on one foot, and he informed Tyler that he could choose either foot to stand on. Tyler stood on his right leg and raised his left foot before putting it down and stating it also hurt. Tyler claimed he could not perform any FST's due to his multiple conditions.

Due to Tyler admitting that he had been drinking, having glossy eyes, poor balance, smelling like alcohol, and having been found in actual physical control of a running vehicle, Tyler was arrested for suspicion of Driving under the influence of alcohol, alcohol restricted driver and driving on a revoked license which was revoked due to prior alcohol convictions.

Tyler refused and was then read the refusal admonition. Tyler still refused to submit to a breath test to determine his Breath Alcohol Content (BrAC). A warrant was submitted and approved to collect a blood draw from Tyler's person.

Tyler was booked into Uintah County Jail for Driving under the influence of alcohol, a 3rd Degree Felony; Alcohol Restricted Driver, a Class B Misdemeanor; and Driving on a Revoked License, a Class B Misdemeanor.


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