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A Man Tries To Attack Another Man With A Pipe Wrench In A Road Rage Incident On Ioka Lane

Posted by Travis Uresk | Jan. 12th, 2023 | Assault |

By Travis Uresk


On December 02, 2022, at 4:56 am, 48-year-old Cliffton Dale Jones Jr. got into a road rage incident with another driver. Both vehicles were traveling west on Ioka Lane.

At one point, the victim pulled behind Cliffton, who drives a semi for a local trucking company.

Cliffton turned on his rear deck lights to indicate to the victim they needed to dim their lights.

The victim then flashed their lights in response, to which Cliffton slowed down and began to get aggressive towards the victim.

The victim passed Cliffton and continued westbound. The victim then pulled into a dirt lot at 3000 South 12000 West. Cliffton eventually came to this location and turned southbound onto 12000 West.

Cliffton saw the other party, stopped his semi-truck, and exited the vehicle.

Cliffton then grabbed a large pipe wrench and approached the victim, who was sitting in their vehicle.

Jones struck the driver's side window with the wrench and attempted to hit the victim who was inside. The victim fearing for his safety, sprayed pepper spray at Cliffton. He then began striking the victim's vehicle in several places while being sprayed with pepper spray.

It was found that through interviews, Cliffton admitted the same. It is probable that Cliffton approached the vehicle with a weapon, intending to gain access to the victim to harm them through his actions, which is a felony three aggravated assault.

Additionally, Cliffton continued to cause damage to the victim's vehicle, which is estimated believed to be above $1,500, making it a felony 3. Cliffton Jones Jr. was arrested by Officer Meeks and transported to the Duchesne County Jail.


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