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A Man Steals A Car At The Roosevelt Airport, Then Tries To Steal An Airplane At The Duchesne Airport

Posted by Travis Uresk | Feb. 25th, 2023 | Theft |

By Travis Uresk


Roosevelt, Ut.- On 2/14/23, At around 6:30 am, Detective Sgt Reilley with the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office was called regarding a stolen 2022 Mazda CX5 from the Roosevelt Airport. Luckily the owner of the car had a tracker on the vehicle, which showed it was at the Duchesne Airport.

The tracker shows its location when the vehicle is stopped or started.

Detective Sgt Reilley drove to Duchesne Airport to look for the stolen car, and Deputy Cox and Deputy Weeks met him there. But the car was nowhere to be found.

An ATL (attempt to locate) for the car was put out by dispatch to the outlining agencies.

Around 7:30 am, Wasatch County Sheriff's Office located the stolen Mazda in Heber City, and a traffic stop was initiated. The driver of the car attempted to flee but was taken into custody.

While being interviewed by Wasatch County Sheriff's Office investigators, the arrestee, 40-year-old Jesse Bryan Nieser, told the investigators he planned to steal an airplane and leave.

Jesse Bryan Nieser

At around 9:30 am, Detective Sgt Reilley returned to the Duchesne Airport and saw three airplanes in the parkway. Two planes were tied down and untouched, with no footprints in the snow. The third airplane had its tie downs straps off the wings and lying on the ground with footprints around it.

Detective Sgt Reilley contacted the airplane's owner, and he verified that he left the tie-down straps on the wings due to the wind and to keep the plane from being damaged.

The security camera at the Duchesne Airport showed the stolen Mazda at the airport at the time the tracker indicated. The camera was slightly out of focus due to the cold weather and dark outside. It showed Jesse exiting the Mazda, locking the door, and after several minutes Jesse returned to the SUV and drove off.

Detective Sgt Reilley called the Wasatch County Sheriff's Office Detectives and asked for a copy of Jesse's shoe prints. A photo was taken of his shoes and then sent to Detective Sgt Reilley.

The photo of the shoes matched the footprints in the snow around the airplane. Jesse's boots were seized for evidence.

A Warrant for Jesse Bryan Nieser's arrest was sent to the Wasatch County Jail with his pending vehicle/Airplane theft charges on 2/14/23.


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