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A man speeding through Naples going 73 in a 45 gets a trip to Jail

Posted by Travis Uresk | March 23rd, 2023 | Alcohol & Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Naples, Ut.- On 3/16/23, Officer McGaha was monitoring traffic in Naples, Utah, when he saw a vehicle traveling faster than the posted speed of 45 mph approaching his location.

The Officer engaged his radar and saw the vehicle's speed to be 73 mph in a 45 mph zone. McGaha got behind the speeding vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. When the Officer approached the vehicle, he could smell the odor of alcohol.

The male driver quickly rolled down his window, and the female passenger rolled her window partway down to draft the odor away from the Officer.

After gathering the driver's license and insurance from the driver, the Officer walked around to the passenger side, where he smelled a faint odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle.

McGaha asked the driver while digging around in the vehicle if there were any weapons inside the vehicle. He stated a Glock 9mm was next to his driver's seat.

The driver, identified as 26-year-old Darrian Tyler Mangel, has prior DUI arrests.

The Officer asked Darrian to get out of the vehicle to speak with him to see if he was impaired. HGN tests were performed, and Officer McGaha noticed 2/6 clues. Darrian performed a voluntary Preliminary Breath test and blew a .061.

When asked if there was anything else inside the vehicle, Darrian stated there would be a THC Vape pen.

During the search of the vehicle, the THC Vape pen was found, and three THC resin/wax containers with wax and resin inside.

There were also multiple open alcohol containers inside the vehicle, and one Crown Royal bottle that was almost gone.

The unknown female passenger blew a .161 on the PBT. They both stated they had drinks before the traffic stop at their Hotel about five hours prior.

The driver was charged with possession of a firearm by a category II restricted person, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and an open container in a vehicle.

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