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A man rips out two gates and gets arrested for trespassing


Whiterocks, Ut. On 12/12/23, Deputy Russell was dispatched to contact a female concerning damage to her neighbor's property. The female stated that she saw a male wearing a dark jacket and a dark hat in a bluish-silver van near her neighbor's gate.

A short time later, the property owner called to speak with Deputy Russell. The owner stated that he was currently in Salt Lake and received a call from another neighbor who told him that he had a gate that had been damaged.

The owner said he had an issue with someone trespassing on his property on Whiterocks Canyon Road this past summer. Deputy Russell said he would go to the property and see if he could get a better estimate of the damage.

When Deputy Russell arrived at the property, he found two metal gates lying in the middle of a roadway that were completely damaged. The gates had been pulled from the fence using a large cable that was still attached to the gate.

While the deputy spoke with the owner on the phone, a silver van approached his location from the cabin area. He stopped the vehicle on the road and contacted the driver. The driver was identified as 66-year-old Glenn Tom Jr.

When asked what was going on, Glenn stated that he had returned home and found the gate was locked, so he pulled the gate down and drove down the road to the cabin. Glenn was advised that he was not allowed to be on the property. Prior involvements with Glenn, he had been told not to return to the property.

Glenn was asked if he could call someone to come and take possession of his van, to which he would not answer. Glenn's van was towed as a hold for the owner due to not being able to have someone take possession of the vehicle.

Deputy Lyman remained at the scene and conducted an inventory of the vehicle before being released to the towing company. During the search of the van, Deputy Lyman found a pipe containing a burnt green leafy substance.

Once at the jail, Glenn agreed to answer questions, and when asked about the pipe found near his hat, Glenn stated that he was a "Native Chief" and then refused to continue to answer questions.

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Dec 25, 2023

What really wanna know is, what's he a chief of? Maybe he meant to say, chef?? Just tasting some herb?

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