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A Man On A Motorcycle Speeds Away From A Traffic Stop At speeds Over 100 mph

Posted by Travis Uresk | May 6th, 2023 | Evading & Drugs |

By Travis Uresk


Vernal, Ut.- On 4/30/23, at around 12:30 am Deputy Russell was traveling on 1500 East near 2100 South when he saw a motorcycle in front of him traveling in the same direction above the posted speed limit.

The Deputy initiated his radar and got a visual reading of 72 mph in a 45 mph zone.

As Deputy Russell attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the motorcycle, he saw the driver look over his left shoulder. The male then accelerated and began to pull away from the Deputy. He radioed out to dispatch that the motorcycle wasn't stopping and reaching speeds of 100+ mph.

When they reached the area of 1200 South US-40, Deputy Russell was ordered by Sgt. Watkins to terminate the pursuit because they were getting closer to Vernal City limits. Sgt. Watkins ordered Deputy Russell to continue in the direction of the motorcycle’s last known direction in hopes of confirming the bike had been listed as stolen just a few days before.

Deputy Embleton, who was just in front of Deputy Russell, said the bike had turned off of US-40 and onto 500 East heading South.

Both Deputies turned to follow the motorcycle into the area when Deputy Embleton turned onto 100 South and saw the motorcycle turn into the Uintah Conference Center parking lot. Deputy Russell went to 200 South and turned West when he saw the motorcycle exit the Conference Center parking lot and turn in his direction.

Deputy Russell turned on his overhead lights and pulled into the motorcycle's lane of travel before coming to a stop. The driver of the motorcycle came to a stop in the area of 450 East 200 South, where he was ordered off his motorcycle and taken into custody by Deputy Embleton.

The driver was identified as 19-year-old Brigham Dee Benedicto of Vernal, Utah.

Brigham Dee Benedicto

The male was then identified as Brigham Benedicto of Vernal. Deputy Embleton began asking Brigham if he had anything on his person that might injure him. He informed Deputy Embleton that he did not but had a marijuana pipe in his bag. Brigham was escorted to the backseat of Deputy Russell's patrol vehicle, where he was read his Miranda Rights.

Deputy Russell: “I asked Brigham if he knew I was behind him and I was trying to stop him. Brigham told me that he did know that I was behind him and that I was trying to stop him. I asked Brigham why he tried to run, and he said he had no excuse. I informed Brigham that he was going to be taken to jail for Felony evading along with reckless driving for the way that he was driving while evading."

"While I was questioning Brigham, I was informed that there was, in fact, a pipe located in Brigham's bag on the back of his motorcycle that had burnt residue of suspected marijuana. I informed Brigham that he would also be charged with Possession of marijuana and Possession of paraphernalia."

Brigham was transported to the Uintah County Jail, where he was booked on the charges of 3rd-degree felony failure to stop/evading, reckless driving, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

This is a separate case from this one.


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