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A Man In Uintah County Arrested For Theft

By Travis Uresk 10/20/23

Vernal, Utah, 10/5/23, (1nationjustice) — Deputy Simmons was called to a suspicious person at 3400 South Vernal Ave. It was reported that an 18 – 20 year old male with darker skin had entered the residence. The homeowner said the male was last seen wearing a brown or black backpack a partially red shirt, and was walking around the area disoriented.

Deputy Ouderkirk arrived on the scene and was able to locate an adult male matching the description given. The adult male was identified as 25-year-old Glendon Hardy.

When Deputy Simmons arrived on the scene, he was waved down by an adult male. The homeowner stated the same individual, who we identified as Glendon, was seen on his security cameras taking items from his back porch, which is attached to his house. It should be noted the homeowner is the next-door neighbor to the South of the other victim.

The homeowner informed The Deputy he was missing a pair of binoculars, a lamp, several tins of pellets for a pellet gun, and the pellet gun itself. To access these items at the homeowner’s property, you must walk through a fenced gate to his back porch, which is attached to the residence.

While speaking with the homeowner, Deputy Ouderkirk placed Glendon in the back of his patrol vehicle. While he was getting into the back of the patrol vehicle, Deputy Simmons shined a flashlight onto Glendon, fully illuminating him. The homeowner identified Glendon as the same individual on his security cameras. The homeowner then allowed the Deputy to watch the security camera footage from his residence. While watching the video, he could easily identify the individual as Glendon, who was detained.

From the security cameras, Glendon arrived at the homeowner’s property at approximately 1:00 AM on 10/5/2023. This video shows Glendon attempting to open a door which goes inside of the garage. It appears when Glendon goes to the door, it won’t open. Glenden then unlocks an adjacent gate, which gives him access to the backyard.

Further review of the video provided to Deputy Simmons observed Glendon carrying various items away from the property. Simmons also observed Glendon carrying what appeared to be a rifle away from the property. Upon watching this, the homeowner identified the rifle Glendon was carrying belonged to him and was his missing pellet gun.

The homeowner provided Simmons with a list of missing items, including binoculars, 5 tins of pellets, a pellet gun, and a lamp. The total monetary amount is approximately $1000.00. At this time, the other victim has not reported any items missing.

While Deputy Simmons spoke with Victim 2, Deputy Ouderkirk talked with Victim 1. Victim 1 provided on her written statement at approximately 06:00 AM on 10/5/2023 she was woken up by her dog barking. When she went to her dog, she observed a man she did not recognize standing in her front room. She asked who he was and what he was doing inside her residence. She states that Glendon responded very softly and said he was lost. Victim 1 stated once Glendon left the inside of her residence, her grandson called the police.

After gathering this information, Deputy Simmons spoke with Glendon, who was seated inside Deputy Ouderkirk's Patrol vehicle. He asked Glendon if it was just him walking around this morning. Glendon stated it was just him. Glendon said he was trying to check a house and indicated towards the house of the original complainant victim 1.

Glendon goes on to state he walked into Victim 1 house. I asked Glendon where he came from, and he stated across the street. (Upon further investigation, it was determined Glendon lives in a camper across the street from the complainant victim 1).

Upon arrival at the Uintah County Jail, jail staff searched Glendon's backpack. Inside the backpack contained a set of binoculars and a tin of pellets for a pellet gun. Deputy Simmons then advised Glendon of his rights per Miranda, where Glendon admitted to going into Victim 2 backyard and taking the two items. Glendon stated he did not take the pellet gun.

I then booked Glendon Hardy into the Uintah County Jail on the following charges: 76-6-404 - Theft: For entering into Victim 2 residence and taking possession of various items to deprive of his property.

Misdemeanor A 76-6-202 - Burglary of a dwelling: For entering unlawfully inside a dwelling immediately after leaving the next-door neighbor's property where he committed theft and having the same intent to commit theft. Second Degree Felony.

Glendon Stated he was visiting a friend and does not currently reside in Uintah County.

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